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Motorola X, Droid Razr Ultra, Maxx and Mini: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Guess who’s back, back again? Moto’s back, tell a friend. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. On a more serious note though, Motorola does appear to be back in business.


The business of making smartphones, that is. And specifically, the business of making smartphones like no other OEM. True, that hasn’t always been a good thing, with the company’s recent financial woes standing as a witness.

But ultimately, how can you not root for the inventors of the iconic “Droid” term and the impressive (at the time) first members of the family? Not to mention the makers of the Maxx devices, one of the few that have focused on battery life at least as much as on cute designs or raw power?


Still, a glorious past can’t guarantee a bright and prosperous future, which is why you can say Motorola’s fate depends on one thing and one thing only – upcoming product launches. Namely, the releases of the legendary by now Moto X, plus the rumored new trio of Droid Razr phones.

The four are just about confirmed, but at the same time remain awfully secretive for gadgets that are likely one month (or less) away from their formal intros. That said and without further ado, here’s everything we know about them:

Moto X rumor roundup

Right off the bat, every report, tip and leak revealed in the past months has emphasized one thing: the Moto X (or Google X Phone, as it was previously codenamed) will not be a high-end device. Therefore, it will not directly fight the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and so on and so forth.

Moto X-2

Instead, what Motorola is trying to do with the X is offer a budget alternative for tech-savvy folks that simply can’t afford to pay the piper on one of the above mentioned “monsters”, but still want a solid, premium (-ish) user experience.

And that actually brings us to what we think will be the main focus of Motorola’s future marketing efforts – experience. Not specs, not numbers, not cold facts, not hardware, but subjective user experience.

Sounds like a tough sell, I know, but that’s where that whopping budget should kick in, trying to make people understand that, through software optimizations and wise design choices, the X will feel like no phone released before. It will be easy to hold, smooth as butter, elegant, filled with sensors that you actually need and void of the bloatware that makes UIs like HTC’s Sense so annoying.

Moto X

That doesn’t mean Moto X’s specs will not be in any way important or will put this at the bottom of the Android food chain. Not at all, as rumor has it the phone will come with a 720p display (probably a 4.7-incher), dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, 10 MP rear camera, 4G LTE speeds and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean in tow.

Now, can you imagine all that in a customizable, slim and sleek package costing a mere $300… outright? And can you really tell me you’ll give a damn it’s not quad-core, Full HD or doesn’t pack a 13 MP camera at that point? I didn’t think so.

Droid Razr Ultra

Okay, spec junkies, this one’s for you. Initially thought to be a budget-conscious mid-ranger too, the Ultra is now believed to go head to head with all the Android giants in terms of cold numbers.

Rumor has it the thing will be a 5-incher with Full HD screen, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU and 2 GB of RAM. A 10 MP rear camera is also in the mix, though that doesn’t sound so spectacular, to be frank.


Then again, the design looks like a winner to me, being reminiscent of old Razr phones, but at the same time a very clear step towards the future. You will get Kevlar backing and a solid overall exterior, plus a fairly slim profile.

Most likely to be unveiled on August 8 alongside its “cousins” (to be detailed below), the Razr Ultra might land in Europe besides America, of course sans the “Droid” branding.

New Droid Razr Maxx

Just like last year, Motorola is tipped to unveil two high-end phones, one “regular” and one with extra battery juice. Given the 2012 Razr Maxx was a 4.3-incher with a ginormous 3,300 mAh battery, we can’t even begin to imagine what kind of ticker the 5-inch follow-up might pack.


4,000 mAh? 4,500 mAh? 5,000? Nah, that’s just crazy. Or is it? Anyways, aside from the battery bump (and the added heft that will go with it), chances are the Ultra and Maxx will rock the exact same specs.

Droid Razr Mini

What, you didn’t really think Motorola was going to pass the booming “Mini” market niche, did you? Of course not. Unfortunately, we don’t know very much about this Razr Mini, other than it will probably sport a 4.3-inch screen.

Droid Mini Ultra Maxx

That would put it on par with Samsung’s GS4 Mini and HTC’s One Mini in terms of size, so we could be seeing quite a brawl between the three for a big piece of the mid-sized, mid-range phone pie.

In the words of the great Porky Pig, that’s all folks, but it’s also only the beginning. What do you guys think, will we be saying hello again to Moto following the releases of these four phones or a soapy farewell?

Motorola hello again

Could the Moto X change how we view the “spec war”? Will the Razr Ultra, Maxx and Mini be able to take on Samsung and HTC’s big players? Let us know down below.

Motorola Denies Rumored Moto X July 11 Event

A couple of hours ago, many blogs and websites reported that Google and Motorola had booked an event for July 11th and enthusiasts and ‘experts’ quickly went ahead to predict that Motorola, owned by Google, was going to finally unveil the much anticipated Motorola X Phone.  Rumors of the Moto X have been dominating the communications industry on the internet over the past two or so weeks but unfortunately, Motorola did not book any event for the 11th of July as many blogs reported.  although the Moto X has been listed as ‘Coming soon’ and its teaser has already been posted on Motorola’s website, the unveiling date is still a mystery.  The latest rumor that Motorola had a private press event scheduled for July 11th is false.

Motorola X

Shortly after Motorola launched a teaser page that confirmed the coming of the Moto X last week, a product page that displayed Motorola’s new Logo went live, combining the ‘X’ and ‘I’ which most interpreted to be roman numerals ‘X’ and ‘I’ adding up to 11, hence the 11th date of this month.  After blogger Leo Laporte confirmed that there would be a private event exclusively for about 50 press members to be held on the 11th of July, the rumor got stirred up and many a number of bloggers concluded that Motorola would be unveiling the ‘Mother of all customized smartphones’ Moto X on July 11th.  Leo said on TWiT yesterday (Monday) that Motorola emailed him with the details of what to expect from the Motorola event, along with a non-disclosure agreement that he had to honor, hence he could not disclose what the contents of the email.

This was the day Motorola fans expected to see the actual specs and features of the Motorola X.  as it turns out, 11th of July is the day Guy Kawasaki, a Motorola employee formerly an Apple evangelist, is ‘having a private gathering of friends’ and there will be no official launching of any Motorola products.

There are many rumors revolving around Motorola X but unfortunately, there seems to be no date set for official announcements as of now.  We expect that the launch of this mysterious smartphone will be a big event and we will definitely know in advance, so keep checking back here and we will update you on any new developments or rumors we come across.  For now, just know that the Motorola X Phone will not be launching on July 11th and Motorola will not be hosting any official events on the date.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

Motorola XT1058 (AKA Google X Phone) Spotted in Another Benchmark, This Time with a Snapdragon 800 CPU?

A new Google X Phone-related story has emerged just hours ago on the web, prompting us all to ask ourselves when is the whole thing going to end. This time, the Motorola phone carrying the model number XT1058 and thought to be AT&T’s version of the X has been spotted in GFX Bench’s records.

It’s not the first time we’re seeing a variation of the X benchmarked, but, unlike those suspicious past AnTuTu tests, this GFXBench is a lot more credible. Sure, the thing can still be faked, but we have to remember the XT1058 has also been seen getting FCC’s certification of late, so chances are the baby is real and getting ready for a Google I/O unveiling this week.

Motorola XT1058

The first thing that caught my attention in this latest “leak” is the phone’s Android OS build fingerprint, which includes the magic word “ghost”. Several tipsters told us in the past that was one of the inside codenames of “Project X”, so this is yet another piece of evidence that confirms we’re not looking at just any Moto gadget, but something really special.

Unfortunately, the specs revealed by the GFXBench listing are not that special, though we have been warned numerous times the X Phone is likely not going to be a record-breaker in terms of speed or display crispness.

The screen is now almost set in stone at packing a 720p (aka not Full HD) resolution, while the CPU, unnamed in GFXBench, is clocked at 1.7 GHz. Based on earlier stories, the processor is either an oldie, but goldie Snapdragon S4 Pro unit or a newer Snapdragon 600 model.

But here’s where the plot thickens. The Motorola XT1058 has had its graphics performance measured in two of GFXBench’s specific tests and both of the results are… well, off the charts. The thing not only beats every S4 Pro-powered device to the punch, but it also crushes all Snapdragon 600-based devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Moreover, the XT1058 is very close to topping the two tests’ charts, having to face defeat only against NVIDIA’s Shield, the upcoming gaming console running on a Tegra 4 CPU. So, knowing all that, we can only assume one of two things. Okay, maybe three.

A. The X Phone will be the world’s first device powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chip. B. The thing “only” has a 600 inside, but the display’s lower resolution or some mysterious software optimizations allow the CPU to perform so incredibly well. Or C. The scores are fake and we’re getting goose bumps over nothing.

Call it wishful thinking or whatever you want, but I’m going to side with A for the time being. The chances of the benchmark or its scores being fake are very slim in my view and I just can’t see Snapdragon 600, paired with an Adreno 320 GPU, reaching those scores. And that’s how an intriguing device becomes one for the ages!

Via [GFXBench]

Google X Phone: Motorola XT1058 With AT&T Support Hits FCC

We all know that Google and Motorola are planning to come up with an Android smartphone called the X Phone. A recent filing by Motorola at the FCC reveals a device called the Motorola XT1058. This could very well be the X Phone everyone is excited about.

X Phone

The Motorola XT1058 will support AT&T’s 4G LTE network and will come with NFC. This is as much information we know about its features as of now.

Some of the details of the FCC filing are listed below

  • The device operates in the 850 MHz PMS and the 1900 MHz PCS. It supports GSM, GPRS Class 12 and EDGE Class 12. It also operates in WCDMA in these bands.
  • The device is equipped with an LTE transceiver that supports LTE Bands 2,4,5 and 17 with bandwidths of up to 20 MHz.
  • The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac transceiver.
  • The device comes with a Bluetooth transceiver
  • The device comes with NFC support

Just last week @evleaks posted images of what appears to be a smartphone with an XFON branding at the back. Despite having a similar back portion with the Motorola XT1058 it could very well be a different device under the X Phone lineup.

More details surrounding this device is expected to be announced at the upcoming Google I/O event.

via itechpost

[Rumor]: Google Abandons the X Phone Project

Just as excitement was building up that Google, via Motorola, were creating a one-of-a-kind user-focused smartphone dubbed the Google X Phone, reports are emerging that the Silicon valley internet giant may have abandoned the project according to Sun Chang Xu, a Chinese technology analyst.  The rumor that Google may have given up on X Phone come just a few days after pictures of the alleged Motorola phone did rounds on the internet and months after the first rumors about the phone rumored to come in more than 20 colors circulated.

According to GSMInsider, release date of X Phone has been pushed back to August of this year from the earlier rumored date of May 15th or thereabouts during the Google 2013 I/O conference.  The various Motorola smartphones that have been leaking online had strengthened indications that the company may be working on more than one device but what captured the attention of many enthusiasts and Android fans is the uniquely designed X Fon whose images appeared on @evleaks.

Sun Chang Xu says that Google decided not to pursue the development of the X Phone and instead turned the project in its entirety to Motorola to develop it.  The reason: Google does not have the technology nor the innovation to develop the phone.

Rumored Google Motorola X Phone Prototype
Rumored Google Motorola X Phone Prototype

If this is indeed true, it comes as a big surprise considering that Google’s Larry Page is on record hinting that the company was working on a flagship device that emphasized on durability with an unbreakable screen and a much improved battery life compared to most devices in the market.  Just last month, Page said “Having just seen Motorola’s upcoming products myself, I’m real excited about the potential there. In just under a year, they have accomplished a lot, and have impressive velocity and execution.”

All said, it is very unlikely that Google would abandon a project they invested so much in, especially at such a stage when all rumors indicate that a May release is imminent.  Another crucial factor is that Motorola, the company that is building the X Phone, is owned by Google, therefore there is very little chance that disagreements could have caused Google to back off.

The Chinese Technology Analyst who first broke the news is a reputed analyst with over 18 years’ experience in the field and actually has over a million followers on Weibo (Chinese Twitter), the source therefore bears some credibility.

Many of us eagerly anticipated that Google and Motorola would bring something entirely new to the smartphone arena next week during the Google I/O and we’re still holding onto previous hopes that even if it does not happen next week, the X Phone will find its way to the market and bring something that will trigger innovation wars amongst smartphone manufacturers.  For now, we just wait and see what other rumors or news come up.

Source: Weibo via GSMInsider

Motorola Obake (AKA Ghost) Spotted Online – Google X Phone or Something Else Entirely?

There’s been a lot of online rumble lately concerning the mythical Motorola X Phone, which may or may not be revealed during Google’s I/O conference next week. But with contradicting rumors coming from right and left, there’s only one thing set in stone – nothing is set in stone.

We’ve seen the thing benchmarked a couple of times under different codenames and with slightly different specs, a dubious set of pics then emerged, as well as a report talking about a Motorola “XFon” for AT&T.

Motorola Obake

Now there’s a new piece of the puzzle ready to be put in place, though where should we put it is beyond me. A credible AnTuTu benchmark of something called “obake_verizon” has been spotted online, partially confirming a codename we first heard of back in March.

“Obake” is Japanese for Ghost, which, according to more than one source, is how a mystery Motorola phone is known internally. The thing is I’m not quite sure this Obake, or Ghost, is the X. Instead, it could simply be a new Moto handheld for the company’s favorite US carrier, Verizon.

If that’s the case, it’s likely not going to be introduced during I/O and will have its biggest selling point in a budget-conscious price point. Chances are it’s going to be the newest member of the Razr family, but that’s just speculation.

The closest things we have to facts regarding the “Obake” are a processor clocked at 1.7 GHz and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the two specs revealed by the leaked AnTuTu benchmark. The CPU is said to be a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro unit, though a 600 is not completely out of the question either.

Of course, if the phone is to pack a Snapdragon 600, its placement in the budget-friendly, mid-range niche is less likely. Hmm, so do we root for something with a great quality-price ratio, or do we want another Samsung Galaxy S4 “killer”?

Naturally, I don’t want to rule out the possibility of this being the X Phone either (or a variation made especially for Verizon), mostly because the benchmark’s score is very close to the ones of the XT1055 and suspicious Android 5.0-based “Google X”. Oh, how you like to torment us, Motorola Google!

Via [Ameblo]

Alleged Google X Phone Pictures with Unusual Motorola Logo Surface

Just a few hours ago, pictures of a phone purported to be a handset made by Motorola with AT&T branding surfaced.  From the look of things, this could be the much talked about Google X Phone made by Motorola based on the possible specs and design of the phone.  Besides, we are not really expecting Motorola to develop any other flagship smartphone at the moment but the X Phone, which Google may be preparing to unveil during their 2013 I/O.

Google X Phone

We know X Phone is coming… that’s all we are sure about

Google’s Larry Page in March confirmed that Google was indeed working on a new smartphone that is expected to shake things up in the smartphone market.  While almost all rumors point to a mid-range Android smartphone with decent specs, Google may have put focus on creating a very customizable phone that will appeal to both experienced and beginner Android and Smartphone users in general.  The images, which were leaked by @evleaks, a known and reliable leaks site, shows a phone that is very similar to what we had seen online a couple of weeks back on , a Vietnam site – a Nexus-like Motorola handset.

X Phone

These new images tell us that the alleged X Phone actually has a queer Motorola Logo on the top left corner and will be coming to AT&T because it has AT&T branding.  Another detail that the images show is that the X Phone will be a 4G capable phone but we cannot tell so much more because the phone whose pictures were snapped had a protective black case that may have been deliberately used to hide the appearance of the phone.

Phone Model is ‘XFON ATT’

Through their Twitter account, @evleaks posted another photo that shows the back side of the alleged X Phone.  Though blurry, we can make out the XFone printed on it.  @evleaks posted that the phone is a model ‘XFON ATT’.  Based on the most recent rumors, the X Phone will be launching exclusively on AT&T in the US sometime in August but it will come to other carriers and unlocked later in the year.

X Phone Back

Queer Motorola Logo

The Motorola Logo on the top left corner of the device is different from the standard Motorola logos we have seen on phones and other devices.  It is made up of dots and curved line and they do not all look the same.  The logo could be an active button or a special purpose key or is the company going to re-brand during the Google I/O?  For now we just have to wonder.  The images leaked earlier also have a queer Motorola logo on closer inspection (different symbol arrangements).  Another image you may have seen already on a video posted in March by is clearer and is very much like the phone pictured by @evleaks, complete with the unusual Motorola logo on the front and back of the device.

These are just rumors, and you should take them so.  Check back for something solid or new rumors or speculations, we post them when we come across them.

Sources: Android Community and @evleaks

Motorola XT1055 AnTuTu Benchmark Leaks, Is This Google’s X Phone?

With only two weeks left until Google’s I/O conference, trying to guess what’s going to be on display in San Francisco on May 15 is equally as difficult as it was six months ago. A Nexus 5, upgraded N4 with LTE, second-gen Nexus 7, Samsung-manufactured octa-core N11, Android 5.0 and Android 4.3 are in the cards, but we could see them all introduced or just one or two.

Motorola XT1055

Still, out of the possible hardware products, two seem much more likely than all the others to get official intros – the updated Nexus 7 and the Google, or Motorola X Phone.

The latter has been allegedly benchmarked last week under the very simple Google X moniker and now it has apparently made its second visit at AnTuTu going by the Motorola XT1055 codename. As usual, the test’s legitimacy is impossible to verify, so take everything you’re going to hear with the customary grain of salt.

That said, let’s kick off the latest episode of the X rumor-fest by noting the XT1055 is bizarrely running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in this new benchmark. Why bizarrely? Because the previous test showed the handheld having on-board Android 5.0.1, and, even if Key Lime Pie has been delayed as some sources claim, we’d expect the thing to run at least Android 4.3.

The other new leaked details are themselves a little off, with the CPU’s clock speed now set at 1.7 GHz and the AnTuTu score reaching a still unimpressive, but much better 18,252 points. Chances are the 1.7 GHz processor is a quad-core Snapdragon 600 unit, but the mystery remains as to why we’re seeing different hardware configurations for what’s likely the same device.

Only the key to cracking the enigma is not so hard to find. In fact, there could be two keys. Either one of the two benchmarks is fake (the first is more likely), or this is a confirmation of one of the earlier rumors that said the X Phone will be coming with customizable hardware.

That would really be something, especially if there are also a couple more impressive versions of the thing in store.

Before wrapping the story up, let’s dissect that mysterious codename as well. First off, let’s just say it sounds credible. Also, it’s likely to be signaling a Motorola flagship, given the XT912 is the Droid Razr and the XT925 the Razr HD. Finally, chances are this device will be a US-exclusive, so either the X will only come to America, or there will be other models available for other regions.

However the whole thing will play out, my advice to you is to keep in touch with The Droid Guy to make sure you’re going to be the first to find out about the X Phone once it becomes official.

Via [Rbmen]

Google X Phone Rumored to Launch in August on AT&T

Just yesterday, I wrote on a rumor I picked up somewhere about the rumored Google Phone X.  In the story, it is rumored that the phone, which is Google’s next smartphone project phone made by Motorola (you can read it here), is one step closer to being real after some benchmark test results surfaced in Japan.  Today, there is a new rumor going round, giving more specific details of the phone and something more: possible launch date!

New features

The new rumor goes into detail to expose the juicy details of the X Phone like we have never seen before.  First off, Google X Phone may indeed be bringing new features (besides Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie) to the market.  Some of these features which include an ‘always on listening mode’ that supposedly lets the user issue voice commands to the phone.

Google X Phone

We had read earlier about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor and it’s ‘always-on voice activation’ feature but we cannot tell for now whether the X Phone will sport Qualcomm’s 800 processor.  Since this is still a rumor, we cannot tell whether this is a new feature that Android 5.0 KLP will come with or it is a phone-specific feature.  The rumor we published yesterday and the various comments by Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt that the X Phone would be a budget phone, it is unlikely that the handset will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor

Another revolutionary feature that the Google X Phone will have is something called ‘predictive intelligence’ feature.  This feature is rumored to recognize the intentions of the user from when the phone is picked.  Depending on how the handset is held, the phone may launch camera app if held in a certain way or launch the phonebook if the user wishes to make a call.

Regarding the number of colors the X Phone will be available in, it appears that users may actually be able to customize the materials and the colors of their phones.  The available materials include metal, carbon fiber, wood and plastic for the outer casing and users may be able to choose from thousands of colors and color combinations for their phones.  This may actually be further proof that the X Phone may come in 20 or more color options.  There was no word as to whether other hardware features of the phone will be customizable though.

Lastly, another ‘Always connected’ feature will be debuting with the X Phone.  This feature apparently keeps the phone constantly connected to Google’s Chrome browser.  Could this finally be the bridge between Android and Chrome?  We don’t know yet.

Launch date

The latest rumor has it that Google’s X Phone will be launching in the first week of August and it will be available exclusively on AT&T for three months.  This could mean that unlocked version and those of other network may be available starting November this year.  There is no mention of international launch of the X Phone but we can assume that the phone will launch internationally sometime before the holiday season.

It’s still a rumor

Despite all these rumors which seem to align gradually, the X Phone and all its features and specs is still a rumor.  For now, we just have to wait and see if Google will actually launch the X Phone during the 2013 I/O or if it will be coming during the summer.  Whatever the case, I have a feeling we are in for very interesting revelations.


Source: Android Authority

Rumor: Google X Phone Running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Spotted in the Wild

The rumors of Google’s next high end smartphone, made by Motorola, dubbed Google Phone X started surfacing earlier this year.  Since then, we have read all kinds of reports, rumors and analyses about this new smartphone.  There has been no official word from either Google or Motorola regarding the X Phone, except at one point when Google’s Larry Page hinted that Google was working on an unbreakable next-generation phone that was set to be released with the next version of Google’s Android version 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Google X Phone

One of the latest rumors indicate that the Google X phone would be coming in a wide variety of colors – 20 to be precise.  Just yesterday, it seems that someone spotted tis new smartphone on AnTuTu benchmark revealing a new device plainly named ‘Google X’.  It may be a little strange though that the phone’s manufacturer name Motorola does not appear anywhere.  Therefore, the matter of whether the Google X is actually Motorola’s X Phone or a different phone is still debatable.


Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie ripe?

Another thing that the leaked benchmark results tell us is that the phone will be running on Google’s latest operating system which is yet to be unveiled – Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.  It is still unclear though whether the phone will be launched during the Google I/O this year or we will have to wait longer to see android 5.0 key lime pieit.  A rumor that was doing rounds a few days ago indicated that Android’s next version 5.0 KLP would be delayed and may not be announced during the I/O.  How disappointing!

The recent launch of high end smartphones by Android manufacturers including LG’s Optimus G Pro, HTC’s One and the newest Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has set the stage for superphone wars and Google does not want to be left behind.  Although according to Larry Page, the next smartphone on Google’s lineup would be a more user-friendly and affordable phone, we all know how difficult, even impossible, to make an affordable high end smartphone.  As the rumors of the X Phone heated up, it became apparent that the Motorola X Phone may just be anything from a basic budget phone to a high end superphone.


Availability of Phone X

According to sources, Google’s X Phone may be launched during Google I/O 2013 and may hit the shelves as early as this July.  Both Motorola and Google have hinted on the release of the device in the third or fourth quarter of the year, hence the timing of the X Phone is a perfect fit.  According to the benchmark results, the phone could come with a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor which is actually not a match for some of the most powerful superphones in the market today.

For now, we just have to wait and see what is in store for us.

Android 5.0-Powered Google X Phone Gets Benchmarked, Looks Dubious

Although we heard just a couple of days ago that the mythical X Phone and Nexus 5 were not slated for Google I/O debuts this May after all, a new report is emerging to debunk all that speculation. A mystery Google X device has apparently been benchmarked, looking ready to hit the market in the near future.

Before going any further, we have to underline there’s no possible way to verify the legitimacy of this AnTuTu result at this moment, so treat all you’re going to read below with extreme caution. Ready? Here goes… nothing.


The Google X spotted by a keen eye from Japanese blog RBMen is apparently running Android 5.0.1, the unreleased new version of the mobile OS that everyone thinks will be dubbed Key Lime Pie. No surprises there, even though there have been rumors going around of a possible Android 5.0 delay as well.

So far, so believable, but here’s where things get fishy. The mystery X packs an undetailed 1.5 GHz processor, but only manages to score 15,479 points in AnTuTu. That’s not only light years away from Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One’s results, but it’s barely worthy of a place in today’s mid-range smartphone niche.

And let’s assume for one moment the score is legit. That means Google decided to equip the X Phone with, what, a dual-core Snapdragon S4? A Snapdragon 400? An NVIDIA Tegra 3? No friggin way! I mean, come on, even last year’s Nexus 4 scores around 18,000 points in AnTuTu, so what would be the point in the releasing of a device with such underwhelming hardware?

Bottom line, there’s definitely something off here, but who knows, maybe the Google X Phone is legit and it has really been tested in AnTuTu, but the score has been photoshopped to throw us off the scent and assume the device is no big deal.

Remember, no one knows if the Motorola or Google X Phone is real, with basically every related story reported on in the last few months debunking a previous one. Some said the X is a 4.5-incher with a 720p panel, while others claimed the handheld will be a much more impressive 5-incher with a Full HD screen.

According to a number of sources, Google is planning to release the thing with customizable hardware, while others say you will only get your choice of color with the X. Other rumored features include anything and everything from Snapdragon 800 to Tegra 4 CPUs and from bezel-less body to monster 3,000 mAh battery.

Good thing Google’s I/O conference is just three weeks away, because I personally can’t take this rumor-fest much longer.

Via [RBMen]

Google X Phone to come in more than 20 color options


New rumors have surfaced the internet on the much awaited Motorola X phone. According to Motorola sources at phone arena, Google X phone will have plenty of color options and by plenty, I mean more than 20. This would mean that you could get your favorite smartphone in practically any color you like. Having to choose from 20 colors will definitely attract a lot of customers, especially when android phones do not have such customization options.

google x phone


Ofcourse, the company has not yet confirmed or denied of any such rumors but we don’t actually expect them to confirm anything especially when they are silent about this much talked about phone. From last year we have been getting reports through various leaks and online sources that Google is busy working on a Motorola X phone that would help Motorola make a mark in the market. However, even after contacting Google or Motorola several times, the company officials have not commented on this topic at all. The closest news we have got from the company is that they would be releasing a series of smartphones later this month that would be sized just right (and by sized just right they mean not too big) and would run on stock android. Not that we believe Motorola X phone to be one of these devices, but atleast now we have hopes that once the existing smartphones in the Motorola pipeline is done, we can see some better and innovative smartphones like the X phone.

Earlier, we had got reports that the phone’s hardware would be customizable. Although it would have been a great customization feature, we were really wondering how the company could implement such customization option. And as expected a few days later, these reports were found to be fake and unfortunately we won’t be seeing a phone with a customizable hardware. But a phone with 20 color options? That sounds possible and would indeed attract a lot of new customers to the company. Having to choose from 20 color options can be a daunting task especially if you happen to like 2 or more colors. The exact number of color options is still not confirmed but the word is that both Motorola and Google are looking forward to provide more than 20 color options to its users.

However, 20 color options sounds kind of overkill. We think that allowing the users to choose from a preset 5 or 6 colors would be sufficient enough. C’mon android phones have never seen good customization options and giving the user the option to choose from 5-6 color options would definitely be enough. We have seen windows phones offer the same kind of 5-6 color strategy and it seemed to work for them fine.

Anyways, what we are sure of is that you will get plenty of color options with the device but we are not yet sure whether the phone will be launched by the end of this year. Earlier rumors suggested that it would be launched during Google I/O but now that seems to be highly unlikely. Until we get an official announcement from the company, we just have to be satisfied with such rumors.

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Google X Phone launch delayed?


We have been hearing rumors about the so called Google X Phone made by Motorola but we never received any official information from the company. The Google X phone is one of the most anticipated phones of this year with many rumors suggesting that the device may be launched in the next month’s Google I/O.

The device was expected to release atleast by July, but new rumors suggest that we won’t see the device in the market till August. The rumors state that the device is still in its prototype stage and it will take atleast 4-5 more months to bring into the market.

google x phone

Google had acquired Motorola Mobility a few years back in order to get into the smartphone market. However, we haven’t seen anything different from the company all this while. The rumors about a smartphone code named Google X phone started to surface somewhere around last year but the company failed to react to any of these rumors. Nevertheless, users have been eagerly waiting for this next big thing from Motorola and one can even say that this would be ‘THE’ phone from the company.

All this while, Google had been busy with the existing Motorola device pipeline that they could not launch new products in the market. Once they are done, Google can start off with a new and better Motorola series and the Google X phone might be the first in the category.

Last month we had seen an image of a prototype which many claimed to be the Google X phone. The rumors also gave an idea about the specifications of the device. The device would have a 4.7 inch screen with 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, there would be no MicroSD slot so you should be happy with whatever internal storage you have on the device. Also the device will most likely run android jellybean 4.2. No other details of the device are available as of now so stay tuned for more updates in the future.

However, we are not quite sure whether these rumors about the launch delay are true or not. In the past few months we have seen a number of rumors about the device, many of which contradicts other rumors that have emerged on the internet. As a result, we can’t really predict an actual launch date until and unless the company makes it public. But we hope that we see the device pretty soon as we are eagerly waiting to get hands on with the device.

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Purported Google X Phone render leaks

A render of the upcoming Google X Phone which had been supposedly leaked is now making its rounds in the web.


The image was first published by the GSM Arena website, which says that a tipster sent in the render.

The render, however, looks suspiciously fake. As Android Authority points out, the render lacks a speaker for phone calls. A closer look would also reveal that the time displayed on the clock widget (9:02) is different from that which is displayed on the status bar in the upper right corner of the handset (9:04).

It is worth noting that a picture allegedly showing a prototype of an unknown Motorola device, which some believed to be the Google X Phone, surfaced last week. That image started circulating just before the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled.

Meanwhile, along with the alleged Google X Phone render, specifications of the Google X Phone were also said to be leaked.

The Motorola-made device, as per the same tipster, will come with a display measuring 4.7 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. Inside, it is said to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system with some customizations from Motorola. As may be noted from the render, the icons pictured come from stock Android Jelly Bean. MicroSD card slot expansion will not be possible, as well. Furthermore, water resistance is said to be a feature of the Google X Phone, as it is purportedly IP57 certified. Gorilla Glass 3 will also protect the device, and it will draw its power from a 4000mAh battery.

Interestingly, these rumored specs are different from another leaked set of specs that came out a earlier. Such list indicates that the Google X Phone will not have Gorilla Glass 3, but be protected by sapphire glass. Its display will also not measure 4.7 inches, but be a tad larger a 4.8 inches. As for its physical design, the Google X Phone is rumored to sport rubber bumber corners and come with a carbon fiber rear plate. Underneath, the specs for the CPU and the battery are the same as those previously-mentioned: a 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor powered by a 4000mAh battery unit.

The date of release of the Google X Phone likewise remains a question, with some saying that it is bound to arrive in November, before the holiday shopping season, and some indicating that it is slated for June or July.

As expected, Google has neither confirmed nor denid any of these rumors.

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