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Android Pay officially launching today

#Google has officially announced the arrival of #AndroidPay today, which will replace your Google Wallet app. In theory, this is merely a revamped version of Google Wallet and will let you make payments on NFC terminals, just like you used to. This means that Google Wallet will now remain an online virtual wallet, with wireless

Rite Aid Is Adopting Mobile Payments

  Last year, Rite Aid and a few other companies became a little infamous when they announced that they were disabling their NFC readers due to an exclusivity deal with the Merchant Customer Exchange, a company also trying its hand at mobile payments through CurrentC. But since CurrentC has yet to launch and the exclusivity

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Softcard To Shut Down March 31

After Google bought the mobile payments service last month, it was inevitable that they would shut it down. On March 31st, Google will shut down the Softcard app and any accounts on the service. Softcard was originally conceived by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile as a way to own the mobile payments space and effectively kill

Google Will Pay You $5 For Refferring Friends To Wallet

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, Google is offering Google Wallet users $5 for every friend they refer to use the service. You can do this up to 20 times, meaning if you refer 20 friends you can get up to $100 from Google. All you have to do is refer a friend, confirm

Retailers Are Blocking Mobile NFC Payments

Recently Apple launched their mobile payments platform, Apple Pay. Like Google Wallet and Softcard, it uses NFC at retailers with the units to allow users to purchase items from a variety of retailers. Unfortunately, some of those retailers are now blocking NFC payments entirely. Some chains including 7-11, Rite Aid, Walmart, Best Buy, and many others

Domino’s Pizza App Updated With Google Wallet Support

Domino’s mobile app is very convenient if you want to order a pizza on the go. Now if you use Google Wallet, it just got even more convenient. Today, Domino’s updated their app to let you pay with Google Wallet when you order an item from their menu. If you want to pay without thee

Google Wallet Update Adds Tap & Pay To All KitKat Devices

KitKat users really are lucky. Today, all users of both smartphones and tablets can use this new Google Wallet update for Tap & Pay. Even devices that are on unofficial KitKat ROMS can use Tap & Pay. Tap & Pay was formerly exclusive to the Nexus 5. Tap & Pay lets you, of course, tap

Google Wallet Card: An old twist to a new tech

Trust Google to bring a new twist to something old, and then put the old tech back into the fray in a still more innovative offering. Earlier today, Google announced Google Wallet Card, a product that is meant to provide offline or physical access to your otherwise online Google Wallet account. To those fond of

Google Wallet Card

Google offering physical Google Wallet cards for users

Exactly a year ago, we started coming across rumors about Google looking to launch a physical Google Wallet debit card. And the wait ends today as Google has finally made this card available for interested customers, who will have to sign up with their credentials to receive their very own Wallet debit card. This works

Google Wallet Could Open up to More Devices after KitKat Release

When Google released the Nexus 7 refresh earlier this year, we learnt a little letter that the device that debuted bringing a lot that the original Nexus 7 did not have but unfortunately, the new device lacked support for Google Wallet, Google’s NFC-based mobile payment service because it lacks the BCM20793M NFC chip that securely stores