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3 Free Second Phone Number App to Add to Your Android Phone

One smartphone is more than enough to make you feel like a time-poor babysitter. You must feed it, pay attention to every sound it makes, and keep it safe and protected at all times. So, when you decide that you need a second phone line (perhaps to separate your professional and private life), you are entirely

How to setup WiFi calling on any Android device

Update: As some readers have commented below, the Google Hangouts Dialers is the one-stop-shop for everything wifi calling you will need on just about any Android devices.  Released in September of 2015, this app is becoming the default wifi calling for most Android devices.  Combine this app with Google Voice, you will be able to

Google Voice MMS Expanded In North America

If you’ve used Google Voice and tried to receive an MMS (usually a picture or video message) from someone, it’s likely either failed or come up with an error. Starting today, if you’re on certain carriers, you shouldn’t have that problem anymore. Some of the major carriers on this new Google Voice MMS compatibility list include: AT&T

Google Voice Hangouts

Hangouts already seeing Google Voice integration

Google was expected to be unifying Hangouts and Voice in one place so as to make it easier for the users to access both apps. It has now come to light that the change is taking place already. According to Android Police, it is still a work in progress as there are reportedly some issues noticeable, which is expected

Google Voice Update Fixes Compatibility Issues With Android 4.2

When Nexus devices started getting the finalized version of Android 4.2 yesterday, Google Voice users noticed that they were getting some terrible incompatibility between the newly introduced software and the app itself. Whenever a new text message was created and a recipient added, the app – for no apparent reason — would crash, thus prevented

Google Voice Force Closes with Android 4.2

Google announced the LG Nexus 4 and along with it the new version of Android i.e. Android 4.2. Although it’s nothing groundbreaking, it does have a plethora of new features making way to the system. Google also started rolling out the said update to the GSM Galaxy Nexus smartphones, starting from yesterday. However, it now

Use Your Nexus 7 To Make And Receive Phone Calls

XDA member bongostl has made a step-by-step guide on how to modify your tablet to make it like your smartphone! He’ll show you how to enable both outgoing and incoming calls through Google’s Voice service. It requires you to edit a few different system files, so your tablet is going to need to be rooted

Cheap International Calls With VOIP Apps

Today, there are hundreds of VOIP providers out there.  Some are large with millions of customers while others just started up last week.  It’s no wonder why it’s so hard to make a decision when signing up for one.  If you’re the type that makes a handful of international calls on a monthly basis, you’ve

Google Sim Cards Show Up In Spain? Are they Entering The Carrier Space?

Since Google’s inception in 1996 they’ve proved they can do a lot more than just search.  Google has Google Search, Google Maps, Android, Youtube, Google Health (closing soon), Google Books, Google Webmaster Services, Google Thinktanks and much much more.  It also seems that everytime a carrier sale rumor starts up, the wheels go in motion