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Logitech Revue Production Halted By Google

Earlier in the week we reported that Google has asked it’s manufacturer partners to not make announcements of their Google TV products at CES.  Today digitimes is reporting that Google has also asked Logitech to halt production of the Logitech Revue a set top box that allows users to access Google TV in conjunction with

Toshiba, LG and Sharp Pull Back On Google TV Plans For CES

The New York Times is reporting this morning that Google TV manufacturing partners, Toshiba, LG and Sharp have pulled back on their plans to produce Google TV’s and their plans to announce them at CES.  With less than 3 weeks to go until the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, these decisions are being

Google Acts to Curb Google TV Piracy Concerns

As we all know by now all of the four major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX) and Viacom (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon etc) are blocking access to their internet streams to Google TV devices.  There are two primary reasons for this, the first is a conern about piracy that Disney echoed by Disney’s television chief Anne

Microsoft Jumps on The Google TV Bandwagon With Xbox 360 TV

Microsoft has reportedly told reuters that they are in talks with TV programming providers to license their broadcasts for re-broadcast via the Xbox 360 via a web based subscription service. Microsoft plans to use it’s existing Xbox 360 hardware to deliver tv conent to Xbox 360 homes rather than have them adapt to new hardware. 

Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio joining the Google TV fun?

If Businessweek is correct then despite the problems Google TV is having with the networks, three consumer electronics giants will join team Google. TFTS is reporting that Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio will be showing new Google TV’s at CES 2011, in Las Vegas.  We are already expecting a huge showing for Android in the form

It doesn’t matter if they block GoogleTV.

By now, just about all of the video content providers in the US have blocked their web based flash content from being viewed on Google TV. The most recent of which was Viacom, the owners of Comedy Central and the owners of the failed YouTube lawsuit. To be honest, i’m shocked it took them this

Comcast Jumps on the NO to Google TV Bandwagon

It’s disheartening that every time I turn around there is another company that has decided not to play nice with Google TV. Since it’s release last month Google TV has lost, not gained, more and more content. The latest provider to announce they aren’t supporting Google TV is Comcast and their Xfinity Everywhere Play.  Comcast

Fox Dumps Google TV That Leaves us With, What the CW?

Top TV Blog site GTV is reporting that Fox has joined CBS, ABC and NBC in blocking internet content from Google TV devices. You may remember in October 2010 we attended the exciting launch of Google TV, in the video demonstration we have at the bottom of this piece, they show how seamlessly it is

Google TV Executive drinking the Steve Jobs Fruit Punch

At an opening day event at Steaming Media’s “Streaming Media West Conference”, in Los Angeles yesterday, someone attributed the inspiration to Google TV as being Apple’s iPhone. That someone was Google TV Product Lead, Rishi Chandra. While talking about the concept of Google TV, Chandra brought it back to the mobile space last year and

Google TV Live: Sony Internet TV Liveblogging Continues

6:00PM Shows over its playtime 5:55PM Where and When: Preoders now. On Shelves at Sonystyle stores this weekend and at Best Buy starting the week of October 24 5:53PM Matt Seymour is demoing Google TV, video forthcoming 5:49PM Sony Internet TV will allow you to watch football and your favorite fantasy football site at the

Google TV Live: At the Sony Internet TV Launch

5:38 A look at the controller. 5:36 announcing two products, Sony Intenet TV and Sony Internet Bluray player 5:34 Bob Hashida from Sony Tokyo. Sony is developing an experience that will redefine a TV Viewing Style. Announcing the Sony Internet TV in this US Market. Sony TV lets you sit in the drivers seat and

Eric Schmidt: Google TV to debut this autumn

At his keynote earlier in the day at the IFA show, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, gave us the news everyone has been waiting for. Google TV will be deubting this fall on a limited variety of devices for which Google has partnered with.  Google TV, the answer to Apples, Apple TV, was first mentioned at

Roadmap spies Motorola Android Tablet

Earlier today some information surfaced regarding an Android tablet from Motorola. Our sources at Verizon and Motorola weren’t able to confirm or deny anything, but here’s what we found! “Stingray” – The rumored name of the Motorola Tablet coming to Verizon.  What seems to be certain is this will be a 10” tablet.  My search