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Vizio Co-Star Set-Top Box for Google TV Launched, Priced at $99

Google TV is getting a lot of attention at Google I/O 2012. California-based manufacturer, VIZIO, announced the existence of Co-Star set-top box which is specifically tailored for Google TV. Coming with a price tag of $99, experts believe that it may perform well in entertainment market because it does not just bring good quality TV

SiriusXM Internet Radio App Coming to Google TV Soon

The SiriusXM Internet Radio app was revealed during the kickoff of Google I/O 2012 on June 27th. While the developers did not provide the fixed release date for the app, Sirius XM Radio assured everyone that it will be released in 2012 to be able to gain momentum in the market it is targeting. This

Sony NSZ-GS7 With Google TV Release Date July 22

It has already been confirmed by Sony that its new product, NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV, will be released on July 22nd. While we still have to wait for almost a month before we can see it in action.  For people who are looking to buy now, the Japanese Electronics Company offers pre-orders from

Sony Introduces New Internet Box With Google Play In Tow

Sony was an aggressive launch partner for the first wave of Google TV’s. It seems that an Android/Google strategy is still part of Sony’s plan for the set top box category. Sony held a Bravia event yesterday in Singapore and showed off an Android Internet Box. There was no name announced at the event. It’s

Rooted: Sony Google TV

If you own a Sony Google TV unit and you’ve been waiting patiently for root access, you may be in luck.  According to our friends at Droid-Life, the rooting process for the Google TV unit takes 4 USB memory sticks and some “GTV know how”, but if you’ve got both of those, you should be

Android Set Top Boxes By iconBit At CES

A Russian company called IconBit has put our favorite little green robot into the set top box. No we’re not talking Google TV we’re talking Android TV like the People of Lava have done with television sets. The IconBit set top boxes come in 4 varieties. The smallest box is just $99 and offers true

Logitech: The First Revue Was Their Last

Logitech held an investor day on Wednesday where Logitech’s CEO Guerrino De Luca made no bones about the trouble the company had with it’s Logitech Revue Google TV set top box. As The Verge’s Dieter Bohn reports, De Luca said that the Google TV, Logitech Revue launch was a “mistake of implementation of a gigantic

Google TV One Step Closer To Androidification

If Google can make up the word Androidify for their silly little avatar app, we can make up the word Androidification for this story. Androidification means that the device is about to become Androidified as in the HP TouchPad and Google TV. A very exciting note appeared today on the official Google TV Blog.  A

Updated: Google TV can take off with the Motorola purchase

Over the last 10 years, with five different cable companies I have had a cable box, and until only recently the only option has been Motorola boxes.  Up to this point it could easily be argued that Google TV has been lackluster, at best.  We have seen both Logitech and Sony drop prices on their

Is That A Google TV In The Android Market

While I’d say that Honeycomb Tablets and Chromebooks were the big thing at this years Google I/O conference in May, there was a lot of talk, and some good sessions about Google TV.  Not just about Google TV though, developing apps for Google TV. Now what do you need when you pitch developing Google TV

Google I/O 2011 Preview, Complete Team Coverage Begins

Although thedroidguy has been in San Francisco now for three weeks the rest of the team is arriving today and tomorrow to provide you at home with complete team coverage of Google IO 2011. Thousands of developers and enthusiasts across all Google products are converging on downtown San Francisco for the largest Google IO to

Google TV Arrives At Samsung

In late 2010 it was reported that Google had asked some of their vendor partners like Vizio and Toshiba to pull back on their plans to announce Google TV partnerships here at CES.  The same reports suggested that Samsung would still make their Google TV plans known, and they have. Samsung has announced two new