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Marvell Unveils The ARMADA 1500 Plus SoC Designed For Smart TVs

Marvell is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to microprocessor architecture that’s been in the business since 1995. The company has just recently announced its successor to last year’s ARMADA 1500, a System on Chip (SoC) which is used by Google TV. The ARMADA 1500 Plus (88DE3108) is the latest

Google TV

Google reportedly ditching Google TV branding

According to a report from GigaOM, Google might be looking to ditch the steadily declining Google TV branding in favor of a newer attractive name like “Android TV“. This could be part of a complete revamp of the product as Google TV hasn’t really been successful in the markets. Its availability has been limited to


Sony teases BRAVIA Smart Stick with September 15 reveal

Recently, we noticed a Sony USB-stick pass through the FCC and thought it was Sony’s new Chromecast competitor. It appears Sony will not be competing with Google, but taking the Chromecast design and implementing it on Google TV. The BRAVIA Smart Stick will connect to 2013 BRAVIA televisions through the MHL connection and will use


Xiaomi preparing to announce smart Mi-TV in October

Xiaomi is starting to grow out of its Chinese routes, even though we are still yet to see a device launch in Europe and US on the same month as it does in China, showing Xiaomi’s continued loyalty to the home-nation. According to new reports, Xiaomi will be launching the Mi-TV in October, a new


Sony could be creating a Chromecast competitor

Google has done well with the Chromecast in the early stage of the devices’ life, gaining tons of support from different media streaming services and huge adoption in the US, with the Chromecast selling out in lots of areas and Google cutting the Netflix three month offer quickly because of huge demand. Sony could be


Google unveils Chromecast, the second shot in TV

Chromecast is the new way for users to connect their phone, tablet or laptop to the TV simply. Google revealed the 2-inch dongle, when plugged into the TVs HDMI port, it connects to the home WiFi and from there users can “cast” programs on YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies and music from Google Play Music

Most Anticipated Goodies We Should See at Google I/O 2013

Google’s I/O registration page went live a couple of days ago, and we now know that registration for this annual event will kick off next month on 13th.  If you are abreast with the developments in the technology field, especially Google’s and other conferences, you will know that the Google I/O is not cheap, but

CES 2013: ASUS Enters The Google TV Market With Qube

ASUS officially announced the ASUS Qube at CES today. We’ve seen hints of the Qube weeks prior to CES from the FCC. Not long after the device was spotted at the FCC Google announced that ASUS would be manufacturing a Google TV. ASUS promises to reveal more information about Qube later today, but so far all we’ve

ASUS Qube with Google TV visits FCC

Google launched Google TV back in 2010, but the platform has not gained the popularity it was expected to. For those who aren’t aware of the platform, Google TV is a Smart TV platform from Google co-developed by Intel, Sony and Logitech. Google TV integrates Google’s Android operating system and the Linux version of Google

Google Music, TV, Magazines not coming in time for UK Nexus 7

While everybody is excited about the release of Google Nexus 7, tech enthusiasts and Android lovers in the UK couldn’t just fully relate to it knowing that Google Music, Magazines and TV will not be available for the new device upon release except for US owners. Reports indicating of the delay of these new services

Vizio Co-Star Set-Top Box for Google TV Launched, Priced at $99

Google TV is getting a lot of attention at Google I/O 2012. California-based manufacturer, VIZIO, announced the existence of Co-Star set-top box which is specifically tailored for Google TV. Coming with a price tag of $99, experts believe that it may perform well in entertainment market because it does not just bring good quality TV

SiriusXM Internet Radio App Coming to Google TV Soon

The SiriusXM Internet Radio app was revealed during the kickoff of Google I/O 2012 on June 27th. While the developers did not provide the fixed release date for the app, Sirius XM Radio assured everyone that it will be released in 2012 to be able to gain momentum in the market it is targeting. This

Sony NSZ-GS7 With Google TV Release Date July 22

It has already been confirmed by Sony that its new product, NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV, will be released on July 22nd. While we still have to wait for almost a month before we can see it in action.  For people who are looking to buy now, the Japanese Electronics Company offers pre-orders from

Sony Introduces New Internet Box With Google Play In Tow

Sony was an aggressive launch partner for the first wave of Google TV’s. It seems that an Android/Google strategy is still part of Sony’s plan for the set top box category. Sony held a Bravia event yesterday in Singapore and showed off an Android Internet Box. There was no name announced at the event. It’s

Rooted: Sony Google TV

If you own a Sony Google TV unit and you’ve been waiting patiently for root access, you may be in luck.  According to our friends at Droid-Life, the rooting process for the Google TV unit takes 4 USB memory sticks and some “GTV know how”, but if you’ve got both of those, you should be