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Google Translate can now function inside apps as well

There are quite a lot of changes with #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow as we all know and there’s one more that we can add to the list. As it turns out, #Google has gotten rid of the strenuous process to translate text from one app to the Google Translate app. To achieve this, Marshmallow users can simply select the

Google Translate Wear

Android Wear gets real-time translation support with Google Translate

#AndroidWear received a major update earlier today with new interactive watch faces and some other handy additions to the platform. Well, that’s not all that we would hear about Android Wear today as #Google has also released a native Google Translate application for the wearable platform, letting you translate text in real time. As of

Google Translate Word Lens

Google Translate update brings real time image translation

We recently spoke about Google Translate getting an update with real time translation support along with the merging of features from the Word Lens app which Google acquired last year. And now, the update has finally gone live on Android and iOS devices. As you can see in the image above, this means you can now

Google Translate App Now Updated With Offline Support

Having a vacation in another country? If you are not familiar with the language used in that country then you might want to install Google Translate on your Android device. Previously this app needed a connection to the Internet to work however Google has updated it to support offline language translation. This means that even