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Alleged Google Smartwatch Specs Leaked by @evleaks

Details of Google’s alleged wearable gadget or smartwatch keep appearing every now and then, but everything so far has been a leak, rumor, speculation or pure fantasy.  Not now, just till you read the title.  If you are not a newbie in the world’s technology platform, you may have heard of the reputation of @evleaks


New Motorola job listing hints at future wearable technology

Motorola’s first attempt in the smartwatch arena was short lived, the Motoactv could connect to Motorola phones and had an Android music player, but it was quite expensive, quite ugly and quite poor at tasks. Pebble started this whole idea of cheap smartwatches that can be useful and successful, but we are starting to see

[Rumor] Google Working On An Android Gaming System

A report released by the Wall Street Journal suggests that Google is planning to release an Android-based gaming system soon. The WSJ says that “people familiar with the matter” leaked this info out as a pre-emptive measure against the rumored Apple gaming console which is said to be a part of the Apple TV release.

Google smartwatch to have touchpad wristband?

  Finally, we have some concrete evidence of a smart Watch from Google. Since the information about potential smart watches from Apple and Samsung were leaked, we were kind of hoping that Google would bring out their version too. Looks like, we were right and with this news, we can safely say that the company