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Google Search Voter Registration

Google Search will now help with voter registration in the U.S.

Thanks to a new feature built into Google Search, citizens around the U.S. can now get a step-by-step guide on how to start the voter registration process. The process will vary depending on the states, of course, and Google has listed out the procedure for every state in the country. So if you’re a first

Google Search app now getting a symptom checker

The official Google Search app on your mobile device has just gotten smarter thanks to a new update. With this, the users can get a quick glance of possible conditions or issues with their body upon posting symptoms. It works directly on Search, so you don’t need to open the app to do it. This should

Hangouts Logo

Update to Google Search lets you send Hangouts messages using voice

Voice commands on Google is already capable of performing quite a few tasks. And a new update to Google Search includes the ability to send voice messages to Hangouts contacts. Users were previously able to open voice search and send SMS and make voice calls, but not send messages on Hangouts. This applies even if you’re

Google Search

Google Search now gives you cocktail recipes

Google Search can perform a broad range of functions, ranging from naming presidents to doing complex math. The search app also received an update recently which offered a refined experience for people discovering new movies. Today, the app has received a new cocktail recipe feature which will offer you interesting recipes for cocktails when asked.

Google Search Mortgage Calculator

Google Search getting a new mortgage calculator feature

Google Search has received plenty of nifty features over time, making it one of the widely used search engines in the world today. And now, the Mountain View company is making Search even better with the introduction of a mortgage calculator feature. It appears to be working on the web version of Search at the

Google Search GIF

Google Search on Android now offers improved movie related results

Users on Android will now be treated to a superior searching experience with Google when looking for movies or even actors/actresses. The revelation was made by a Google+ post earlier today. There’s even a nice little gif posted by Google which shows how beautifully the UI transitions take place once you make the search. From the

Google Tickets

Google Search now lets you buy tickets for concerts

Users can now purchase tickets for their favorite concerts (musicians or comedians) directly using Google Search according to a post by Google. All you have to do is enter a search term like what’s shown on the screenshot above and you will be able to checkout directly using a button on Search. Google has teamed up

Google Search Update

Google Search for Android can now show rental car reservations

Google has made a nifty little change to the Google Search app on Android with the ability to check rental car reservations. But this won’t appear as a conventional card on Google Now as users will have to manually ask through voice search for this card to show up. We’re guessing Google is trying to protect user

Google Now Parking

Google Now updated with new Parking Card

Remember the recent rumor which said Google Now could be getting a new card which would let users know where they parked their car? Well, this feature is officially making its way to devices now with an update to the Google Search app. The update brings a few other minor changes as well including the ability to