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Feedly announces new premium service for RSS readers

From a measly Google Reader rival, Feedly made a huge surge in users once Google announced an end to RSS, in a combined effort to push everything regarding news and social to Google+, their social network. Feedly announced early on, a month before Google Reader was set to bite the dust, it had increased userbase


Google Reader officially laid to rest

Google Reader is no more, the RSS reader has been officially laid to rest, as Google looks to the future. They announced the closure of Google Reader about a month ago, but it came with a massive backlash, users went to Twitter to hashtag the service off, with RIP Google Reader hitting the top of the


AOL will introduce another Google Reader replacement on June 24

AOL is set to be the next old company to release a new RSS reader, in light of Google Reader closing. It seems odd that Digg, AOL and possibly Facebook could be developing an RSS reader, especially since the reason for Google Reader shutting down was lack of revenue. However, we have seen positive movements

Rise of Mobile Devices Led to the Closure of Google Reader

July 1 marks the end of the services of Google Reader. Longtime users of the RSS platform saw this one coming for a few months already with Google announcing the schedule of its closure way back in March. But still, many were disappointed with the move of the company. Reason for Closure The reports from

Feedly gears up to replace Google Reader, reveals roadmap

Feedly released a roadmap that details how it will help consumers move easily from Google Reader into their service. Feedly says that such roadmap is a collaboration with users, who provided the necessary feedback and suggestions. The roadmap shows the RSS feed aggregator’s top priorities. These are speed, search within Feedly, pure web access, Windows


Digg ready to bring Google Reader replacement by June

We recently heard Digg wanted to grab a slice of Google Reader’s lost userbase. Google announced RSS feeder was closing on July 1st, surprising many faithful users of the RSS service. However, Feedly, Reeder and other solutions have gained a lot of popularity in the past few weeks because of Google Reader closing. Digg may

Google Reader 100000 petition

100,000 people sign petition to stop Google Reader shutdown

We know about the scheduled axing of the Google Reader service from the search engine giant. The company does this scheduled axing of products and services very regularly to discontinue support to products which no longer entertain users to spend time on them. And Google Reader is one on the list this time. But admittedly,

Some great alternatives to Google Reader

  You all must have heard the news by now, Google Reader is shutting down its services starting July 1. And although we have seen a few petitions rise up in this regard, we are pretty sure that the decision won’t be reversed. Google reader has not been a popular venture for Google and the

Digg prepares Google Reader alternative

Google’s announcement to shut down Google Reader on July 1, 2013 sent many loyal fans of the  RSS reader panicking. On the flipside, however, it opened a door of opportunity for other companies to provide replacements for the Google product. One such company which has announced that it will release a Google Reader alternative is

Feedly can be your Google Reader replacement

  If you have been a fan of Google reader (like many others), we have some bad news for you. Google announced today that they are going to shut down their Google reader service from July 1st. Google reader has not been a successful venture of the company as compared to its other services, however

Alternatives to Google Reader

Google has announced via its official blog that it is closing its RSS reader, Google Reader on July 1, 2013. The reason, according to the Mountain View-based tech giant, is the decrease in the service’s usage since Reader was launched in 2005. Recognizing that users may want to look for alternatives, Google offers a way

3 RSS Applications You Should Try

If you follow a lot of websites and are on the go a lot, you may want to consider looking into an RSS application that will allow you to keep all of the websites you follow in one place. I personally stick with Google Reader on my phone due to how laid back and easy