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Google+ Does Not Come With The Galaxy Note 5

Google is slowly distancing itself from Google+. As YouTube and Google Photos either soon or already don’t need Google+ to function, it’s becoming more evident that they are scaling it back. And now, it looks like Google has extended that to their hardware partners. Over at Android Central, they have discovered that on the Samsung Galaxy

Hangouts Splits From Google+ On The Web

After splitting off Photos from Google+ earlier this year, Google is now doing the same with Hangouts on the web. Now, instead of having to go through either Google+ or Gmail, you can just head to the main site. The new site gives some easy access to all of their Google contacts and various ways to

Social integration: Google’s challenge for 2014

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt admits the need for better efforts in social networking, and says Google will not make the mistake of missing out again. Will we see better Google+ integration in Google products this year? Human beings are such social animals. Case in point: social networks are counted as among today’s most popular


Google Mine looks like a cross between Craigslist and Google Plus

  Google could be bringing a new service to the market that will allow Google Plus users to share their tangible items with friends and acquaintances in their circles. Essentially the service will act like Craigslist, but without the anonymity found on many boards. The user will be able to lend, sell, review and catalog items for

Google launches emoticons for pictures on Google plus

  Google has a long tradition of its April Fool pranks and this year too we expected the company to play some pranks to fool those users who were unaware of the company’s tricks. Some of Google’s april fool pranks over the years include Gmail Paper (where the company agreed to post thousands of printed

Google Plus Is Two Parts: Social Spine and Social Destination

Google’s CEO Larry Page was prepared for reporter and analysts inquiries into the success of their social network Google+. There’s been great speculation on how well the social network is actually doing in terms of people who are using it every day. Google has made a couple bets on social networking in the past that

The Google+ Store

The tweet above is prominently posted on Buiness Insider’s homepage today. Once I saw it it got me thinking. Before I got sick I had an intense conversation with our editor at large Cameron Wright. He always takes the defensive on Google+. While I’m not a Google+ hater, I’m just a very casual user. Google

Ex Googler Spils The Beans On Googles New + Focus, Or Did He

One of the biggest stories on the interwebs today, aside from Jon Stewart’s take on Homeless Hotspots, has been the plight and blog post on Microsoft’s official blog by James Whittaker, a former Googler. Whittaker recently left Google for his second tour at Google’s rival Microsoft. Microsoft was all too willing to post the remarks

Women Are From Pinterest, Men Are From Google+?

It’s been no secret, and the data supports it, that Pinterest is becoming the social network for women. With all of the craft, cooking, fashion, and make up pins that resonate the new social media platform daily, it’s no wonder that the data confirms this. With all that in mind, new data has been released

Google+ Wins Crunchie For Best Social Application Of 2011

The 2012 Crunchies just ended in San Francisco California. Despite being constantly pegged as “Apple Fanboys”, TechCrunch, GigaOM and VentureBeat gave the award for best social application to Google+. Google released Google+ their new social network just six short months ago and they’ve been building scale at a rate quicker than any other social network

Google Looking To Muppets To Revive Google+

Traffic to Google’s new social network Google+ had dropped in half over the last 21 weeks. Google+, which is just six months old now, was off to a wildfire start among tech savvy folks, Google/Android loyalists and early adopters. As the weeks went on Google+ traffic started to fall. According to the LA Times that

Google + Not Even Close To Facebook On Android Devices

We mentioned a Nielsen report on Android apps earlier this week when highlighting the fact that Angry Birds was hottest among adults 35-44.  That Nielsen report also revealed a troubling story for Google +. Now all the Google loyalists are going to start crying that Google+ is still new, and in it’s defense it is