Fixing the Nexus 5 Internet Browsing Problem

A new email sent via The Droid Mailbag reads, “I regularly log-in to a secure website using my computer to monitor exclusive articles and topics in one site. The contents open without any problem using my computer. However, when I log-in using my Nexus 5, I cannot access the contents that I need to view.

Nexus 5 Voice Input

Nexus 5 Voice Input is Missing in Keyboard

A email came in The Droid Guy Mailbag about a missing voice input shortcut in the keyboard of the Nexus 5. It reads, “I noticed that my new Nexus 5 has missing voice input shortcut in its keyboard. How do I access it?” How to Access the Nexus 5 Voice Input Feature Here are ways

Can Nokia succeed with its Android fork?

Nokia is reportedly forking Android. While rumors had abound about a possible Android-powered Nokia smartphone — then dubbed “Normandy” and then “Nokia X” — a recent feature on the Wall Street Journal supposedly cites credible sources who say that the Finnish company is, indeed, launching an Android device within the month at MWC. However, since

Is it really ‘game over’ for ‘Flappy Bird’?

If anything, the takedown could be one of the best marketing moves for Nguyen. Flappy Bird was popular enough, in its own endearing, annoying and time-consuming way. Announcing that it’s going to disappear from the official app stores soon only makes it all the more popular.

Flappy Bird Now Officially Gone From Google Play

As promised by game creator Dong Nguyen, the popular game Flappy Bird is no longer available for download over at Google Play and even at Apple’s App Store. Nguyen first hinted that he was taking down the app on a Twitter post he made yesterday stating that “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours

Valentine’s Day gift ideas and best deals for Android enthusiasts

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a heart-shaped diamond locket, fancy romantic candlelight dinner at one of those $100-a-steak restaurants, and midnight walk on the beach followed by you telling her how much she means to you while gently stroking her hair, passionately undressing her and… well, you get the idea. But it’s frigging

These Android games keep my kids occupied on those long trips

“Are we there yet?” is a common question your restless and impatient kids will often ask during road trips. Whether you’re traveling during heavy city traffic or taking a long drive to the suburbs, kids simply don’t have the attention span to last the trip. Fortunately — or sometimes, unfortunately — these days, mobile devices

Apps and permissions: Is Facebook Messenger spying on us?

Google Play’s app permission system is meant to inform users of how far into our data and device an application will be able to access before we install an app, or before updating an app with revised permissions. But most users are not likely to bother reading the entire thing, which means we may already

Remove Android Ads

How to Remove Android Ads in Galaxy S3

A question regarding how to remove Android ads in Galaxy S3 recently reached us via Mailbag. The email reads, “I have ads that pop up as an email browser. Obviously it came from an app I downloaded. I have cleared the cookies and it keeps resurfacing. How do you remove it? It is one that

What it takes to be a top Android game

It’s the year end once again, and holiday season would usually involve sales (starting from Black Friday and Cyber Monday onwards), promotions and deals. It’s also the time for year-end round-ups, top-10 lists and other rankings for the year. For instance, did you know that Facebook is the top mobile application of 2013? According to

Android-iOS monetization gap: Should it trouble developers?

Android significantly outnumbers Apple’s iOS and other mobile platforms in terms of user base. Around the world, there are more than 1.5 million Android devices activated per day. In China alone, there are 270 million Android devices active, and there are almost 1 billion devices activated globally. By contrast, Apple says it has sold about

CyanogenMod Installer Arrives At the Google Play Store

One of the best features of the Android platform is that it is highly customizable. This is why there are a lot of ROMs out in the market today that provides an alternative to the official firmware experience of a device. One such ROM that is quite popular is CyanogenMod which gives users the stock

Android and Google Play: A better platform for early adopters

Just recently, Twitter launched an Alpha program for its Android app users. With the Twitter for Android Experiment, users get to enjoy bleeding edge features and functionalities that are not yet implemented in the mainstream release of the app. Twitter Alpha also goes beyond the usual Beta program, which has been in place for some

Everwatch for Evernote

EverWatch for Evernote app launches on Google Play

The EverWatch for Evernote app is now available on Google Play. This app allows Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2 users to display their notes from their Evernote account directly on the wearable device. As of the moment, the app does not support all kinds of notes saved on one’s Evernote account. It is only