You Can Now Pre-Order Movies On Google Play

If you’ve ever tried to pre-order movie on Google Play, you know that it just was not possible. That all changes tonight. Starting now, you can pre-order movies on Google Play before they are even out of the theaters. Excited about a film that’s still in theaters? Pre-order @GoneGirlMovie, @Guardians, and more! — Google

Amazon Fire Phone: Top features and key weaknesses

Every gadget, no matter how carefully prepared, thought-through and well-groomed, has flaws. The iPhone 5s fell short of perfection, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 likewise, and even LG’s G3 is underwhelming in some respects. The key to success is in most cases to cover a device’s imperfections with a greater number of assets. More important than their

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Google Play Edition swing by Bluetooth SIG

The body that oversees licensing of Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to device manufacturers, dubbed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group or simply Bluetooth SIG, has been a gold mine of smartphone information and confirmation in the past, delivering the goods once again as it just certified two upcoming Samsung handhelds. Or rather two Galaxy S5 spin-offs,

PayPal Google Play

Users can now use PayPal to make Google Play payments

In the past, users were only able to to make Google Play payments using debit or credit cards, but a new change will now allow customers to make purchases using PayPal as well. As of now, Google is only supporting Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States, and the United Kingdom with

How to Print Using Samsung Galaxy S3

“How do I print directly from my Samsung Galaxy S3?” This was a question sent to us through Mailbag. To do this, simply follow the step-by-step instructions shown below: 1. Download and Install a Printer App Download and install any printing app compatible with your device from Google Play. One example of an app that you

galaxy s4 pandora

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pandora Streaming Issues

We have received several emails from Samsung Galaxy S4 Pandora users who have been encountering streaming issues especially when they upgraded to Android 4.3. According, to the official website of Pandora, there are several ways to fix it. Read the steps below, which were provided by the tech support of the app. 1. Update the

boost galaxy s4 volume

How to Boost Galaxy S4 Volume

“Is there any way to further increase my Samsung Galaxy S4 volume?” asked one reader through The Droid Guy Mailbag. If you find that your Galaxy S4 volume is not yet loud or clear enough for you, there are actually ways for you boost it. Here are the solutions for your device: 1.  Google Play

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead game makes its way to the Play Store

The Walking Dead: Season One by Telltale Games has finally landed on the Google Play Store after a long wait by Android fans. The app was launched for the Ouya console in August last year, which left many wondering if it will ever make its way to the Play Store as well. The game contains five

flash player in galaxy note 2

How to Manually Install Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2

“I would like to install Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Google Play store. I could do this in my previous Android device, but now, it seems that the app is missing.” As mentioned in our previous article titled, “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem“, Flash

Why the Nokia X can be big in China

Nokia X is reportedly selling like hotcakes in China. What could be making the smartphone a desirable Android-based device, even with its limitations? Android is big in China. According to Baidu, the country has about 270 million active daily Android users, mostly counting users who run variants of Android that support local app ecosystems and

Connect Pebble with Galaxy S4

How to Successfully Connect Pebble with Galaxy S4

One email in The Droid Guy Mailbag asks about how to successfully connect Pebble with Galaxy S4. This article provides a quick guide for you to link your smartwatch with your Samsung smartphone. Steps to Connect Pebble with Galaxy S4 Follow these steps to link both devices which were provided by a blog from TechLoverHD:

removing annoying galaxy s4 notifications

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip to Mute Incoming Call Feature Missing

One reader sent us this message about a problem that he is experiencing in his Samsung Galaxy S4’s flip to mute feature, “After I updated my Galaxy S4 smartphone to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the flip to mute feature that I am using to put the ringtone into silent when there’s an incoming call seems

Why can’t get we get enough of Flappy Bird?

Rolling Stone is running a feature on Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen. Contributor David Kushner actually flew to Hanoi to interview the elusive game developer, and got the skinny on how the hit game came to be. In the article, we learn how Nguyen did not expect the game to be such a success, and

How to Fix a Moto G Stuck at Downloading

An email sent to us recently through The Droid Guy Mailbag reads, “My Moto X got stuck at ‘Downloading’ while trying to get an app from Google Play store. What should I do about it?” How to Fix a Moto G Stuck at Downloading in Google Play Store The following solutions will likely fix a