Google Play Adds “Recommended For You” Section

Google Play has added a new feature to help users find fresh apps to download on their Android devices. The store now has a “Recommended for You” section that loads once users open Google Play. The recommendations are generated from various sources:  the list of apps that users have already downloaded, the apps that one’s

Alchemy Classic HD Review

Available On: Android Price: Free, in-App Purchases Download: Google Play If any of you remember, the core of Alchemy has been around for quite some time and now and over the years have had many different versions of it revamped and released. The game is very simple, at least the idea around it is. You

Google Play voucher redeemed before official launch

We’ve been eagerly waiting for prepaid options in Google’s Android Play Store from the day it started supporting paid apps. Prepaid cards do make sense, as buying apps from Play Store isn’t the easiest thing for folks who don’t have credit cards or those who aren’t comfortable dealing using their credit card online. For international

Dunkin’ Donuts Releases Their Very Own App

Did you know that Dunkin’ Donuts has an application? I don’t think really any of us knew as they just released it on Google Play. In the hopes of following it’s competitors like Tim Hortons, they want to give their customers a better experience, which is understandable as the Tim Hortons fad almost seems to

Google Enables Smart App “Delta” Updates in Google Play

Only a few hours ago, a reader that follows Droid-Life had noticed that his application updates were happening at a quick pace than normal. That’s made readers all over the internet wonder if the new “delta” feature in Google Play has gone live. The feature was previewed at Google I\O earlier this year which they

Google Play Gift Cards on Their Way Very Soon

You know what Google Play has been missing for quite a while now? That’s right, Gift Cards. Wanted to buy something for a friend, but couldn’t because you didn’t want to enter your credit card information on their phone and/or they wouldn’t allow you to use their phone. It’s also quite sad that you can’t

Raved Arrives on Android

A new app called Raved has recently been made available for Android users after being on iOS devices since last month. On iOS, Raved had already gotten over 250,000 users. Raved allows users to share their personal recommendations about food, places, and deals in establishments with friends. Essentially, it works with some features of other

Rovio Releases Amazing Alex and Tiny Wings 2

If you are a big fan of Angry Birds, then Rovio has two new games for you to boot: Amazing Alex and Tiny Wings 2, which are debuting today. Let’s take a look at both of them. First one is the Amazing Alex. It has been released on iPhone, iPad and Android, so you should


Google Play vs. Apple App Store in Figures

During the conference Google I/O held last night in San Francisco the giant began, as expected, to show off with the performance of its own applications store, Google Play. Let’s see how it stays in comparison with Apple’s application store, Apple App Store. Since both results were announced quite recently, the fight is even more

Sony Introduces New Internet Box With Google Play In Tow

Sony was an aggressive launch partner for the first wave of Google TV’s. It seems that an Android/Google strategy is still part of Sony’s plan for the set top box category. Sony held a Bravia event yesterday in Singapore and showed off an Android Internet Box. There was no name announced at the event. It’s

Did The Google Play Update Just Break My Motorola Android Phone?

Some Motorola Android users haves become concerned after updating their Android Market to the new Google Play. Users with Motoblur Android phones have taken to forums and social media to report that since taking the update to Google Play they can’t access the market, now known as the Google Play store. Rest assured your Android

Google Dumps Android Market For Google Play

Google has decided to rebrand the Android Market to “Google Play”.  The Android Market has been around as the official source for Android apps, since the introduction of the G1 Android phone. It seems that Google is attempting to break away from their entire media offerings being branded as “android”. Moving away from the words