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Google Play vs Apple App Store

Google Play vs. Apple App Store in Figures



During the conference Google I/O held last night in San Francisco the giant began, as expected, to show off with the performance of its own applications store, Google Play. Let’s see how it stays in comparison with Apple’s application store, Apple App Store. Since both results were announced quite recently, the fight is even more interesting.

As of today, Google has 600,000 applications and games in Google Play. Among these, free applications can be downloaded in 190 countries, while Android users in 132 countries can also buy applications. In what concerns the purchases made from within certain applications, 50% of the profit recorded by Google Play is made in this manner. Overall, these applications have been downloaded 20 billion times.

On the other side of the barricade, the total number of applications from the App Store is 650,000. Starting from 2008, the iOS users have downloaded 30 billion times applications from the App Store. Although both stores were launched a few months away from each other, a possible explanation for the discrepancy in performance could be caused by the fact that at the moment of launch, Apple was already having a significant user database.

Although race seems tough and Google Play has big chances to reach the performance of Apple’s App Store, personally I think that a content of high quality will eventually triumph and will bring one of the two platforms on top. Sadder is the fact that, currently, Windows Phone barely reaches the little finger of Apple and Google in the field of online shopping, which has recently topped 100,000 apps and games.

However, it remains to be seen which company will be more successful, the fight getting tougher now that Google has announced new gadgets.

Which applications store is your favorite, Google Play or Apple App Store?