How to fix Google Play Store error 110 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Google Play Store error 110 may occur while your installing an application. The actual error message will be like this “Unknown error code during application install: 110” and the installation will be stopped. So, you will have to redownload the app only to be prompted with the same error. Some owners of the Samsung

How to Fix Google Play Store error 495 on Samsung Galaxy S10

The error message “Google Play Store Could not Download Due to Error 495” is one of the problems that Samsung Galaxy S10 users were complaining about. Even though Google Play Store is a core-application installed on your phone, it doesn’t mean that it won’t encounter any issues like this. It is a very annoying problem

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 20 on Samsung Galaxy S10

Some of our readers that own the Samsung Galaxy S10 have complained to us about the Google Play Store error 20 that seems to occur when they download or install apps. The actual error message that goes “App can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -20)” is

How to fix Play Store error 24 in Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Google Play Store error 24 is bugging down several owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It occurs during the app installation which may also prompts users to re-download the app only to get the same error after. Usually, the users can download apps from the Play Store but when the app is about

How to fix Play Store Error 8 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This Google Play Store error 8 is not just happening in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but to all devices that run on android operating system. Usually, this error will prompt during the downloading of app and it will stop the process prompting you to redownload it only to be greeted by the same error the

How to fix Google Play Store error 940 in Samsung devices

One of the Play Store errors that Samsung users were often complaining about is the error 940. This is a type of error that may show up when your phone is downloading an app. The error message “Application can’t be downloaded” will suddenly appear without apparent reason. In this post, I’ll discuss the same issue