How to fix Google Play Store error 8 on Samsung Galaxy J3

The Google Play Store error 8 that many Samsung Galaxy J3 owners have been complaining about occurs when you try to update or install an app. It could be account-related or it could be just a minor issue with the Play Store itself. The thing is that you may find this issue very annoying as

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Google Play Store error 907

The Google Play Store error 907 that’s bugging some of the owners of the Samsung  Galaxy Note 9 occurs when the download process is interrupted. The most common prompt is like this “App can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code:-907)” but you may also get this kind

How to fix Google Play Store error 940 on Samsung Galaxy A9

Owners of the new Samsung Galaxy A9 are among the most recent victims of the Google Play Store error 940. This error occurs while you’re downloading an app. Since it’s not a device or app-specific error, it may occur to other devices as well regardless of the app you’re trying to download. This kind of

How to fix Google Play Store error 18 on Samsung Galaxy S10

One of the common problems that Samsung Galaxy S10 users were complaining about is the Play Store error 18. Usually, this Play Store issue occurs during the downloading and updating of an app. It could be just an issue with the app or caused by a firmware problem. You won’t know for sure what the

How to Download Google Play Store On Your Android Device

A lot of Android smartphone owners are used to the fact that their phone already comes with the Google Play Store app. This is usually the case if you own one of the popular android brands such as Samsung, LG, or Sony just to name a few. Some lesser known brands however will not have

How to fix Google Play Store error 110 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Google Play Store error 110 may occur while your installing an application. The actual error message will be like this “Unknown error code during application install: 110” and the installation will be stopped. So, you will have to redownload the app only to be prompted with the same error. Some owners of the Samsung

How to fix Google Play Store error 905 on Samsung Galaxy S9

The actual error message “App could not be downloaded due to an error. (905)” is one of the rampant Play Store issues that Samsung Galaxy S9 users were complaining about. More often, the error 905 suddenly shows up when a user tries to download an app which halts the process without apparent reason. So, if

Google Play Store Error Code 910

How To Fix Google Play Store Error Code 910 Issue

The Google Play Store is the default store for Android devices where you can get all of your favorite apps. Downloading an app is as easy as just clicking on it and waiting for it to be installed on your smartphone. Although this is a solid platform there are instances when you might experience issues