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Google Play Music Always Running in Samsung Galaxy S3

There have been various complaints about the Google Play Music App. One Samsung Galaxy S3 user relayed to us that his phone is constantly running this app in the background. According to him, he forces it to stop or he uses task killer to disable the app but it resumes its operation again after a

5 Best Streaming Music Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Remember Napster, the pioneering peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing Internet service that emphasized sharing MP3 songs but quickly ran into legal difficulties over copyright infringement? In hindsight, Napster—and its successors, such as Gnutella, Freenet, Kazaa, and Bearshare—became popular mainly because of how convenient it was to use them. It turns out that most people couldn’t care


Songza to be merged with Google Play Music starting January 31

The #Google owned #Songza music streaming and suggestions app will cease to exist on January 31, 2016 and will be merged with Google #PlayMusic. It’s interesting to note that Play Music already uses a couple of features from Songza, including the handy ‘Concierge’ feature which gives users suggestions for music depending on their mood. Shutting

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Podcasts coming to Google Play Music

#GooglePlayMusic is used by millions of #Android users on a regular basis. But if there’s one feature missing from Google’s primary music player, it’s Podcasts. But according to a post on the official Google blog, that’s about to change soon. The Mountain View giant has just announced the support for Podcasts on its standalone music player,

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Google Play Music Increases Song Limit To 50,000 Songs

Besides allowing users to stream music they either bought on the Play Store or pay for All Access, Google Play Music also allows users to upload songs from their own media collection. Google has now increases the limit of songs to 50,000, up from the previous limit of 20,000. Nothing needs to be done to get the extra space,

Frozen - Play Music Deal

Google Play Music now has the Frozen movie soundtrack for free

Google Play Music now has the soundtrack from the popular animated film, Frozen for free. This appears to be part of Google’s holiday time promotions, so we’re not sure how long it will last. But rest assured, you will be able to get it through the weekend. Frozen is a very loved movie, especially among

Michael Bublé - Christmas Play Music

Christmas by Michael Bublé now available for free through Play Music

Michael Bublé’s 2011 album, Christmas (Deluxe Edition) can now be had in its entirety for free through Google Play Music. The album topped the Billboard charts after its release, so it’s a pretty popular album to have in your music collection, especially during the holidays. It includes popular Christmas hits like Feliz Navidad, Silent Night

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Google Play Music Expands Greatly In Eastern Europe

Google Play Music has expanded its reach yet again. This time, many Eastern European countries are part of the expansion, along with a few others. Here’s the list: Belarus Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Estonia Iceland Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Malta Romania Slovenia All the Google Play Music services are here, both uploading and buying songs along with

Google Play Music Now Integrates With Songza

A few months ago Google announced that they were purchasing Songza, the service that curated different music playlists depending on your activity. For that time, Google was not doing much in the user-facing area. Now, along with a Material Design update, Songza is now integrated into the Play Music app. This is only available for

Poland And Denmark Now Have Google Play Music

If you live in Poland or Denmark, you now have full access to Google Play Music and All Access. The Chromecast just launched in these markets a few months ago, so if you have one this is a great use for it. With these additions, Google Play Music is now available in 28 countries across

Google Play Music 5.4 Brings Many New Features To Mobile

  Today’s new update to Google Play Music brings a lot of features to the table, many of them features people have been wanting for awhile. First off, you can now manage your authorized Google Play devices in the app, instead of going to the website. This is in the new “My Devices” section in

Google Play Music All Access Launches In Many New Countries

  Until now Google Play Music All Access has been restricted to 9 countries. Starting today, it gets a big expansion, at least in Europe. People who live in the following countries will now be able to access Google’s streaming library of tracks: Czech Republic Finland Hungary Liechtenstein Netherlands Russia Switzerland The expansion means users


Google Play Music All Access coming to Europe

After Google I/O, many Europeans were disappointed they would probably never see any of the new features for another few months, with Google sticking to its policy of being as slow as possible with worldwide updates. Google Play Music All Access was revealed as the new music subscription service, for $9.99 users were able to