HTC One M8 GPE now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Just as promised a few days ago, #HTC has now started sending out the #Android 6.0 update to the Google Play Edition #OneM8 smartphone. Being a GPE device, the handset is promised Nexus like software support and it’s good to see the company sticking to that promise. The One M8 GPE is one of the last known

The HTC One M8 GPE Could Get Marshmallow This Month

HTC recently confirmed that most of their devices from 2013 or newer, and the One M8 is on that list. Some people may forget that HTC released back in 2014 a Google Play Edition of the One M8, with pure stock Android onboard. It now looks like HTC wants to update that device by the


HTC One M8 GPE no longer available through the Play Store

The HTC One M8 GPE was the only lasting Google Play Edition smartphone available on Google’s online store. And as of today, the smartphone has been officially taken from the Play Store, which officially (or unofficially) marks the end of the Google Play Edition lineup. This was a gradual process with the likes of the

Google No Longer Selling Any Google Play Edition Devices

It seems that the Google Play Edition (GPE) devices might be done for. As of today, Google is no longer selling the HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition. This was the only device available for sale, so for now this program is closed. While it could be a stock issue, the program also could be closing. With

HTC Google Play Edition Devices To Get Lollipop On Friday

While HTC did not give a specific timeframe last week as to when the Google Play Edition M7 and M8 would be getting their Lollipop updates, HTC Vice President Mo Versi has said that they are now aiming for a release on Friday. @martywinsen Hi Marty, got delayed – new target is Friday. Working aggressively to

Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 Disappears

In a not so surprising move, the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 has quietly disappeared from the Play Store. It has been out of stock for several months and is based off last year’s original S4, so it was due to be removed eventually. What is surprising however, is the lack of a Google Play Edition Galaxy S5,

Google Play Edition Device Count Shrinks

A few weeks ago, a few specific Google Play Edition (GPE) devices went out of stock. It wasn’t known if they would be coming back, but now it appears they are fully discontinued. The devices in question were the 2013 HTC One, the LG G Pad 8.3, and the Sony Z Ultra. All of these devices were released

GPE Galaxy S5

Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 leaks out in a new image

There has been talk about the Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 launching soon, although we haven’t seen it materialize yet. However, it seems like the device might not be far away with a new leak giving us a glimpse of the smartphone yet again. This new revelation is made by Evleaks, which has always been a

Some Google Play Edition Devices Are Out Of Stock

Last year, Google began to release special Google Play Edition versions of both select phones and tablets. The advantage of these devices is that they give users stock Android on hardware you might have to root to get it otherwise. Of course, there isn’t as much demand for these devices, since most of them cost north of

LG G3 Lockscreen

Finnish online retailers reveal the pricing of the LG G3

We know that the LG G3 is still eight days away from launch. But it seems like a few retailers around the globe don’t want to keep the surprise anymore as they’ve already disclosed the pricing for the smartphone even before it goes official next week. Although these listings come from Finland, they give us a brief

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Google Play Edition swing by Bluetooth SIG

The body that oversees licensing of Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to device manufacturers, dubbed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group or simply Bluetooth SIG, has been a gold mine of smartphone information and confirmation in the past, delivering the goods once again as it just certified two upcoming Samsung handhelds. Or rather two Galaxy S5 spin-offs,

HTC One M8 gets S-OFF, can be converted to Google Play edition

The HTC One M8 hasn’t been on the market for long, but soon after getting root access on the device, the developer community has now managed to get S-OFF on HTC’s 2014 flagship. XDA developer team Firewater is behind the important feat, which has in turn made it possible for folks to convert a standard

Google Play Edition HTC One Officially Launches For $700

The New HTC One was just unveiled this morning in London and New York City. Naturally, some people would want this device to come with Stock Android and no Sense overlays. Well just like last year, HTC is making that phone. Of course, you get the latest version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat powering your phone,


Will Google branch out the Google Play Edition lineup?

It has been a while since Google announced any Google Play Edition smartphones, with the Galaxy S4 and HTC One released close to one another and nothing new coming since. Sony was expected to reveal the Xperia Z GPE, but nothing ever came of that rumor. In the past few weeks we have seen a