Refunds on Google Play Will Now Take Longer Than Usual

There are millions of customers buying apps and other products on Google’s Play Store. If you don’t like something you purchased or are expecting a refund, the issue would normally be resolved in about 15 minutes. Google has now made some changes to its official support page which now reads “It can take up to

Galaxy S3 Problems in Downloading Apps From Google Play

  There are some users who complain about their Galaxy S3 having problems in downloading apps and that includes getting stuck at the “Starting Download” message. Among the key reasons why your download is not pushing through is that you may no longer have extra space in your internal memory. Another is that your cache

Recording Calls and Getting Unlimited Cloud Storage in Galaxy S3

Solution to a Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Receiving Calls

Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 not receiving calls similar to the problem which was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag, which reads, “My Samsung Galaxy S3 is not receiving calls. I get everything else but it does not even show that I received a call. I do get voice mail and text messages

Download YouTube Video to Galaxy Note 2

How to Download YouTube Video to Galaxy Note 2

A question was sent to us recently via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “How do you save videos from YouTube to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so that I don’t have to go to its site and go online each time I want to view the content that I want?” Here are steps on

Google Play for Education

Google supposedly contemplating the closure of Play for Education

Google Play for Education is supposedly shutting down, according to a new report at least. The company started off this project a couple of years ago to help out educational institutions and students get the best out of the #Android ecosystem. However, given the lack of success this project has seen, it’s only wise that

Google Play Games Deal

Last chance to get games from Google Play on the cheap today

The #Google #PlayStore has been offering content on the cheap for quite some time now as part of its holiday promotions. Well, we must remind you that today is the last day that these discounts will be valid, so make sure you snatch up your favorite content on the cheap before the prices are hiked


GPE HTC One M7 receiving Android 5.1 update

Although HTC has backed out of supporting the HTC One M7 after Android 5.0, but the Google Play Edition model of the handset is still on course to receive the latest updates. Users of the GPE HTC One M7 are now getting the Android 5.1 update, about over a month after Google rolled out the update to its Nexus

Play Store Logo

There Will Now Be Ads In The Play Store

While Apple makes more than Google does for app revenue, it seems Google is trying to make the Play Store better for developers. Now, just like on regular Google searches, there will be ads on the Play Store. As you can see, Google is clearly marking which apps when you search are being promoted, with the little

Play Store Logo

A New Google Play Update Is Coming Soon

A new Google Play store update is either coming “soon” or it has already been released to users. That’s what Google’s user interface engineer Kirill Grouchnikov is saying on Google Plus. Grouchnikov is known for teasing new updates right before they are released, so this is nothing new. However, the update is most certainly new. The action

Some Apps In The Play Store Have Adware

If you’ve ever been hijacked from an app to a website that looks like one you trust, but isn’t the website, then you’ve been a victim of Adware. While this is nothing new and has been on computers, security researchers from Avast say that some Adware has managed to get onto the Google Play Store. According to

Galaxy S4 GPE

Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE no longer available in the Play Store

Google partnered with Samsung, HTC and later Sony to offer stock Android options of their top end handsets, calling this lineup the Google Play Edition devices. But as the days passed, we saw that OEMs weren’t all that interested in this concept. And today, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has officially exited the list, making the HTC