Google Offers, Boingo Wireless Sponsor Summer of Free Wi-Fi in NYC

Google Offers and Boingo Wireless are working together to bring free Wi-Fi for both New Yorkers and visitors alike. Starting June 25th, people could access the internet via free Wi-Fi hotspots set up in select subway stations across Manhattan. Since its birth about a year ago, Google Offers has always been aggressive to provide the

Google Offers App Now In Android Market

If you’re a hyper local based couponer (Grouponer for those not in the know) you’ve probably been craving Google Offers. Well great news for you, the Google Offers is now live and ready in the Android Market. With the Google Offers app you get hyper local offers, coupons, deals, whatever you want to call them.

Google’s LBS Google Offers Adds NYC And San Francisco

Earlier this year Google announced their Groupon competitor in their new Google Offers service. The service, which has been in BETA in Portland OR, is bringing both New York City and San Francisco on-line. Google Offers is another great Google product that will eventually be rolled into both Google Places and Google+ harnessing the power

AT&T Interactive To Take On Groupon

AT&T Interactive has really been trying to step up their game these days. Back in March at CTIA they held workshops for developers to get into using their directory API’s and location based services.¬† Now they’ve decided to offer yet another competitor to Groupon, Google’s new “offers” and Living Social. AT&T Interactive spokesperson Dawn Benton

Google Releases “Google Offers” To Beta

After a failed bid earlier in the year to buy location based mega discount giant, Groupon for $6 billion dollars, Google has finally released their LBS offer program to BETA. In true Google fashion, if you can’t buy them, copy them and hopefully beat them, Google has released the Beta in Portland with plans for