Okay Google! Here’s a List of Popular Google Now Voice Commands

Ever wonder if Android phones had its version of iPhone’s Siri personal assistant?  If you have not been using Google Now commands, wait till you see this… What is Google Now Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant from Google, first released in 2012. It has since then made its way into the vast majority

How To Turn Off OK Google

The “Ok, Google” command has become super useful. Whether you’re on an older version of Android or one of the latest versions, “Ok, Google” will allow you to open up the Android voice assistant — Google Now or Google Assistant, depending on your Android version — and allow you to ask it a question or

Amazon Echo

Google working on an Amazon Echo competitor: Report

According to word coming out of a news outlet, #Google could be looking to cash-in on the personal home assistant sector, by releasing an Amazon Echo rival of its own. The details of this project are not known as of yet, but it seems like there will be Google Now integration built-in, which is only logical

Google Now Weather

Google working on redesigned Weather cards on Google Now

Some users have found an updated version of Google Now’s weather cards which feature a completely revamped design. This appears to be limited to a select bunch of users for now, but it should be available to all in due time. As for the changes on board, it’s a lot cleverer than it used to be.

Samsung Galaxy C7

Tipster claims Samsung is working on a new virtual assistant

According to a new report coming from a self proclaimed #Samsung tipster, the Korean manufacturer is currently working on a personal assistant for its mobile devices. While not much is revealed about the software side of things, it is being mentioned that this will be loosely based off the company’s S Voice application, which has served

[Download] Google Now Launcher from Android 6.0 Marshmallow

We’re all pretty excited for #Android #Marshmallow and the suite of features that it’s supposed to bring to the table. Some developers have now managed to snatch the Google Now launcher from this yet to be commercially released operating system, giving us early access to the launcher. Unfortunately, the vertical scrolling app drawer isn’t available with this

“OK Google” commands could soon be available offline on Google Now

Apple’s Siri voice assistant can function independently of an internet connection, especially for native tasks like checking out contacts and making phone calls. But Google Now on Android lacks this capability. A new report tells us that this could be changed soon with Google looking to bring offline support for the “OK Google” command. According

Cortana Android

Microsoft Cortana could take a while to arrive on Android

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant isn’t exactly the best in the industry, but is a viable alternative to Google Now or Apple’s Siri. The Redmond giant however took us by surprise when they announced Cortana’s arrival on the Android platform, bringing all of its features to the table. It is now being said that the scheduled arrival

Google Now

70 more third party applications get Google Now support

Google has just added 70 more apps to its growing list of Google Now supported applications. This means that you can now get information from a handful of new apps with a couple of them news oriented. Google has added the likes of Feedly (which I personally use quite often) and ABC News, keeping you

Hangouts Logo

Update to Google Search lets you send Hangouts messages using voice

Voice commands on Google is already capable of performing quite a few tasks. And a new update to Google Search includes the ability to send voice messages to Hangouts contacts. Users were previously able to open voice search and send SMS and make voice calls, but not send messages on Hangouts. This applies even if you’re

Google Search update brings alarm related bug

Some users are reporting that an update to the Google Search app on Android is bringing an unexpected alarm and timer related bug. Previously, users could set an alarm by using just the voice commands with a physical button available for those who prefer it. But after this update, some users are reportedly not able to

Google Now Bills

Google will now remind you to pay your monthly bills

Google Now has received a new update with the ability to tell users about the monthly bills due from services like Comcast, Netflix etc, provided these bills are sent to your email. However, Google Now will show the bills when you ask for it and won’t voluntarily display cards with the due amount and billing date. But