Nexus Q Launch Delayed; Pre-ordered Google Nexus Q Shipped Today

The launch of Google’s home entertainment device which was supposed to be released last month has been delayed once again, but Google is making it up to the customers who had already pre-ordered it by shipping it free of charge to them starting today.  At the moment, Google has not said anything regarding when Nexus

Nexus Q, Play and Movies, and Youtube Apps Get Updated

Google is offering fresh updates for the Nexus Q media player. One update enables the device to be compatible with devices that have Android 2.3.3 or higher. The device originally worked only with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean since the Google I/O developers event, but Google had promised that it will be made compatible shortly on

Nexus Q Sold out on First Day on Play Store

Less than a day when the Google Nexus Q was made available on Google Play Store, the company has exhausted the first stock of the units already.  Google Nexus Q was made available for purchase on Wednesday for $299 but they are currently out of stock and the next shipment will not be available for

Google Nexus Q Hacked, Runs Android Launcher, Apps and Netflix

When Google made an official presentation at the I/O 2012 for the Nexus Q, it did mention that it has provided a micro USB port which it mentioned categorically had been provided to connect future accessories and encourage general hackability. Well that is exactly what kornyone from the Xda-Developers Forum have gone ahead and done.