LG Nexus 4 Automatically Unlocks

Google Nexus 4 Tips on Assigning Ringtones and Voicemail

Some Google Nexus 4 users seem to have trouble finding a way to assign ringtones to specific contacts as well as looking for stored messages in the Voicemail. The reason why they are having trouble navigating their devices is probably due to the fact that they have gotten used to the interface of other devices

First Stable Build Of Ubuntu Touch Coming This October 17th

The crowdfunded Ubuntu Edge smartphone may already be dead but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing Ubuntu run on smartphones. The Ubuntu phone team recently announced through their mailing list message that the Ubuntu Touch, the OS that would have been used by the Edge, will have an October 17 release date which

Nexus 4 Overheating Problem: What to do and how to prevent it?

One of the most common problems Nexus 4 owners are facing is the overheating issue. Both LG and Google didn’t provide an explanation why the device has the tendency to overheat. Many users have actually reported to have experienced a scenario wherein their device turns off automatically because it has reached a temperature beyond its

Wireless charging orb for Nexus 4 now available!

Like all the Nexus devices made by Google in collaboration with various hardware manufacturers, even the Nexus 4 made by LG is an interesting device. Apart from being an interesting device, it is also an extremely popular phone, and the popularity extends to an extent that demand is more than supply. One main reason why

How and Why Google Sells Nexus 4 Cheaply

The family of Nexus devices is growing… and fast for that matter.  With some of the most dazzling devices on the market including the Nexus 7 tablet, which hands down beats most tablets in the market in terms of performance and price, the Galaxy Nexus phone and the latest entrant into the family, Nexus 4