Google/Huawei Nexus 6P vs LG Nexus 5X – specs comparison

They say the smartphone space is slowly but steadily getting too crowded for anyone besides Apple to post a constant profit. Tablets are dying, and conventional PCs linger in purgatory, yet an obvious market saturation seems to prevent handhelds from further growing. As such, it’s no wonder companies like HTC or Microsoft badly want to

Nexus future previewed: who should make the next ‘pure Google’ tablet(s)?

One cold, bleak morning a few months back, a controversial yet often dependable Russian blogger broke the ominous “news”. Apparently, Google was and likely is planning to discard our beloved stock Android-running Nexus devices in favor of an augmented GPE product portfolio. Which is perfectly fine software-wise, as Google Play gadgets are just as “untainted”

Google Nexus 6 wishlist and things to expect

The Android landscape has been taken over by the spring fever, as Samsung’s Galaxy S5, HTC’s One (M8) and Sony’s Xperia Z2 lock horns with each other disputing the high-end mobile crown. But a feeling of slight unease and anticipation for something yet to come makes many a power user reluctant to settle. Settle, yeah,

Google Nexus Smartphones Vulnerable To Rebooting Via SMS Attack

A new vulnerability has been discovered affecting most Nexus smartphones that concerns how the device handles Flash SMS. A Flash SMS is a type of message that normally is not stored by the system and does not trigger any audio alerts. In an Android device it is typically received as a system alert and takes

Leaked Log Files Confirm Core Nexus 5 Specs

Google’s Nexus is highly anticipated to be one of the finest pieces of technology ever made – we even did a feature to show just what some of the top reasons why this 5 incher will smoke its competition including Samsung’s galaxy S4, LG’s G2 and Apple’s iPhone 5S.  What is more interesting is that

Motorola Nexus+ Concept Phone Rumor Surface

Amidst the rumors of a new Nexus phone by LG and a Google X Phone by Motorola, images of a Nexus concept phone, allegedly to be made by Motorola, have surfaced.  Although it is just a concept device, it is likely that we may be seeing the phone or something close in the future. The

Most Anticipated Goodies We Should See at Google I/O 2013

Google’s I/O registration page went live a couple of days ago, and we now know that registration for this annual event will kick off next month on 13th.  If you are abreast with the developments in the technology field, especially Google’s and other conferences, you will know that the Google I/O is not cheap, but