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Google Encourages User To Jam

Google is encouraging online surfers to try out their newest lab experiment, which offers you an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a ‘rockstar’ right on the chrome browser. The internet giant introduced on Friday a new interactive web application called JAM. “If you ever dreamed of playing in a band, now’s your chance to be a

Google Checkout And Google Wallet Unite As One

As odd as it may seem there are many people out there not quite familiar with Google Checkout. For those of you that aren’t “in the know” Google Checkout is Google’s online payment service, and the service, that until now, handled your Android Market transactions. As Google Wallet deployment increases the powers that be at

Dear Google Music, Where’s My Green Day, Frank Sinatra & Led Zeppelin?

Over the weekend, prior to the announcement Wednesday of Google Music, Google was still reportedly scrambling to secure content and licensing deals from the four major record labels. According to top music industry and radio website, only EMI and Vivendi Universal were all in prior to the announcement yesterday. According to Allaccess and other

Eric Schmidt: Google’s Search Not As Strong As You Think

Back in September former Google CEO and now Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt testified before Congress. When he gave this testimony he came very close to admitting that Google is a monopoly. When a member of the antitrust panel asked Schmidt: “…you do recognize that in the words that are used and antitrust kind of oversight,

Yoogarola In The Works?

The big rumor on the internet this weekend was that Google is in talks with private equity firms and exploring the possibility of buying yahoo. These un-accredited reports came out of the Wall Street Journal this morning.  The journal didn’t say which private equity firms that Google was in talks with or what a dollar

Google Sim Cards Show Up In Spain? Are they Entering The Carrier Space?

Since Google’s inception in 1996 they’ve proved they can do a lot more than just search.  Google has Google Search, Google Maps, Android, Youtube, Google Health (closing soon), Google Books, Google Webmaster Services, Google Thinktanks and much much more.  It also seems that everytime a carrier sale rumor starts up, the wheels go in motion

Google Ranked Number One Company In The World By Brand, Apple Is Number 2

Brand Finance is a London based company that measures other companies by their Brand Value (not their stock value). Brand Finance uses different metrics, and valuation to measure a companies brand impact, including the influence of their trademark and their intellectual property. According to Brand Finance’s interim report, Google’s brand value is $48.2 billion which

Google Bracing For More Patent Attacks, Bring it on!

Apparently Google Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond has spirit fingers because he’s basically said for Microsoft and Apple to Bring it on. In a blog post Wednesday on Google’s official blog, Drummong highlights what’s been going on in the battle to control as many patents as you possibly can. As everyone

Google Enhances Search For Tablets

Google announced, in a small blog entry, that they’ve started to optimize the Google search experience for tablets.  This revamp includes making things bigger, and easier to tap. The newly optimized Google search for tablets includes a search box which provides quick access to image, video, places, news and shopping results.  They’ve also increased the

Come on, Eric WTF

It’s no secret that RIM is in trouble in fact just today they announced that they are laying off 2,000 people across the globe.  But that doesn’t stop Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, from using a Blackberry in public. The folks over at Android Central’s sister site,, have posted a photo captured over the

Google Jumping Into Social Gaming?

Really there doesn’t need to be a question mark in the headline but since they haven’t formerly announced any kind of social gaming platform we’ve put the question mark that commonly comes after rumors. Google has posted a job listing for “Product Manager Games, Mountain View”. We all know that Mountain View is the home