Top 3 Movies You Should Watch On Google Play

Google Play Movies is awesome. Aside from when I purchase a DVD, almost all of the movies I watch take place on my tablet through Google Play. For some reason, I often prefer watching movies on my 10′ Android tablet than on my 23′ monitor. I figured there were other people like me in that

Google Dumps Android Market For Google Play

Google has decided to rebrand the Android Market to “Google Play”.  The Android Market has been around as the official source for Android apps, since the introduction of the G1 Android phone. It seems that Google is attempting to break away from their entire media offerings being branded as “android”. Moving away from the words

Google IO Samsung Galaxy Tabs Getting Google Movies

The crowd went absolutely wild at the Moscone Center when a slide went up on the screen with “limited edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” and then it was announced everyone in the audience would take home a shiny new limited edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Androids on the back. Earlier in the presentation it

Google Rolling Out Android Market Update With Books And Movies

Google has announced on the official Google blog that the newest version of Android Market is rolling out to Android devices running 2.2 and higher.  The new Android Market update brings out Google Books and Google Movies to the masses. The Android Market now allows you to rent movies for $1.99 directly to your phone,