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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Google Maps keeps crashing

If a pre-installed application like the Google Maps keeps crashing on a premium device like your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, it could mean a couple of things. Either it’s just an issue with the app itself or it’s just a sign of a serious firmware problem. It may not be the same as other core

Find Fast Food near Me with These Android Apps

When hunger strikes and your bank account is running low, fast food restaurants are often the most convenient way how to get the calories your body is craving. But let’s be honest: some fast food places stink—often quite literary. Unless you’re happy with going to the same franchise or two over and over again, you

How To Add Speed Limits to Google Maps App

People who travel a lot usually rely on the Google Maps app on their smartphone for directions. It provides useful information such as your location, the map of the surrounding area, and the time you are expected to arrive at your destination just to name a few. One feature that people are requesting is the

Google Maps - Cone

New Google Maps update shows the direction at which you’re pointing

While #GoogleMaps has traditionally shown the direction at which you’re facing, a new update enhances this to some extent. While users were able to see a pointing indicator, this new update now has a cone shaped indicator, giving a good idea of your periphery. This will be very useful if you need help navigating while you’re

Galaxy S7 constantly disconnects from Wi-Fi network, other issues

Samsung’s most advanced smartphone, the #GalaxyS7, has proven itself that’s it’s worthy of the Galaxy S reputation for months now. But just like any other electronic device, many users are also complaining of issues using it. Below are some of these reported problems as well as their solutions. These are the specific topics covered in

Google Maps update brings Driving mode to devices

A new update to #GoogleMaps has introduced support for Driving mode, which is essentially like #GoogleNow for when you’re driving. The feature can be spotted with the version 9.19 update of the application, so make sure you’re on the lookout if you use Google Maps on a regular basis. Along with this new feature, the Maps

Google Maps getting offline navigation starting today

#Google has today announced one of the biggest updates to #GoogleMaps mobile with the ability to use offline navigation while not being connected to the internet. This is crucial if the users happen to be traveling to a new place where there might not be a functional internet connection. Naturally, for this feature to work,