Skobbler Launches ForeverMap2, Google Maps Shows Phantom Island on Pacific

Google Maps finds some competition with the launching of start-up mapping app ForeverMap2 on Android devices. Developed by Skobbler, ForeverMap2 allows users to provide information even if it’s offline so data plan won’t get eaten up. ForeverMap2 was developed using the open-source project OpenStreetMap, a software application that allows everyone to freely use, edit, and

Apple Maps sources decoded

  With the launch of Apple’s latest version of iOS, the iOS6, Apple will no longer use Google Maps for its mapping needs. Instead of Google Maps, the Cupertino based technological giant will be using its own Apple Maps. Apple Maps will boast voice guided turn by turn navigation and 3D maps. Besides these, there

Indoor Google Maps now available in England

  Given England’s notoriously dreary weather, people tend to spend a lot more time indoors than outdoors, and Google is all set to makes people’s life easier in UK by launching indoor maps for Android devices. We get lost most often indoors, and this new feature will revolutionize what Google maps could do till now.