Android Auto

Google brings Android to your car with Android Auto

Not wanting to be left behind after Apple announced CarPlay, Google now has its very own Android based in-car system called Android Auto which comes with all the core Android apps you will need. Understandably, this is based on Google Now for voice support and users can launch a variety of apps without having to take their

Google I/O attendees will be given a free LG G Watch

When Google announced the registration for the 2014 I/O event in San Francisco, it was immediately obvious that the entry fee wasn’t going to be cheap. However, a new revelation should put a smile on registrants’ faces as LG is reportedly expected to give away a unit of the G Watch to attendees. It is common knowledge by

Google I/O 2014

Google releases schedule for the I/O 2014 event

Google began registrations for next month’s I/O event in late March. And with over a month left for the event to kick off, Google has decided to spread out the schedule of events for fans and attendees, so that they can know where to be for their favorite events. Remember, the registration period is already

Google Glass could be in Best Buy stores next year

Avid technologist Robert Scoble has reported that Google may work with Best Buy and rent out 6,000 square feet in every store in the US to try and grab buyers attention on Google Glass sometime next year. This would not be the first time Google and Best Buy have partnered up for an in-store retail service,