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Google Hangouts could lose SMS and MMS functionality soon: Rumor

If a new rumor is anything to go by, the #GoogleHangouts application could soon lose support for SMS and MMS. As we know, the app started supporting text messages quite a long time ago. Most users are using Hangouts as their default SMS application right now, so this could disappoint those users. However, given that

Google Hangouts

Hangouts 5.0 update could be available today with a revamped design

With today being Wednesday (as in, Update Wednesday), there’s speculation that #Google might officially send out the #Hangouts 5.0 update for Android devices. This update will change the design to a great extent and also bring forth some nifty features that should make usage a lot more streamlined and better. GIFs should start working better

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Material Design update of Google Hangouts leaks out

While most of Google’s stock apps have received a Material Design makeover with Android 5.0 in mind, the company had kept the Hangouts app the same. But that could be changing soon, according to a new revelation made by Android Police. This leak reveals the latest iteration of Hangouts in its entirety, including the UI

Google hangouts, chat and drive down, the problem is not your end

Are you having trouble with your Google account, specifically Chat, Hangouts and Drive?  Well, you are not alone, there has been a reported failure of various Google services around the globe for  a couple of hours now and the problem is not your end, so stop diagnosing, troubleshooting and restarting (browser, connection or machine). This

Must-have video conferencing apps for Android

Video conferencing is not exactly something new to mobile devices. In fact, when 3G was first introduced to GSM networks, video-calling was the most-touted feature. Sadly, devices like the Nokia N90 and even the cheap LG KU250 “3G for all” did not end up popularizing video calling. While carriers theoretically supported video-conferencing through 3G networks,

Emoji Bug Causes Google Hangouts App To Crash

Google recently released an update to its Hangouts app that mainly brought SMS/MMS support to the app among one of its features. Hangouts v2 includes the following features SMS/MMS (Android 4.0+): send and receive text messages in Hangouts! No more chasing conversations across apps, texts will now appear in Hangouts and you can reply right

Google Hangouts with SMS integration rolling out on the Play Store

Ever since Google launched Hangouts as a replacement to Google Talk, people have been asking the search giant to integrate SMS with Hangouts, making it a true all-in-one messaging app like Apple’s iMessage. With Android 4.4 KitKat, Google finally granted everyone’s wish, and now even those without KitKat on their phones can start using the

Google Hangouts Update Brings HD Video Streaming

Are you a regular user of Google’s Hangouts?  Have you noticed any changes in the quality of your hangout videos?  If you have, then you have received the latest Google Hangouts update that brings, among other things, 720p HD video streaming with hangouts.  Google is leaving behind the older H.264 video codec and going with

AT&T Google Hangouts

AT&T will allow Google Hangouts video calls via cellular data

The Hangouts app on Android has received an update which brings some very good news for AT&T users. Thanks to this update, users will now be able to make video calls through Google Hangouts using the cellular network, rather than Wi-Fi. Prior to this, users required to be on a Wi-Fi network in order to

Google Hangouts Becomes Official, Is Now Live

Google officially revealed their messaging app at the Google I/O 2013 keynote event today. The app which was previously rumored to be called Babel is now available for Android, iOS and Google Chrome and will replace Google Talk and Google+ Messenger. Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, who introduced the app says that