Google Glass: Enterprise

Google Glass: Enterprise Edition leaks out in pictures

Production and development of #GoogleGlass saw a drastic change earlier this year when Tony Fadell of Nest took over the helm. It was recently brought to our notice that Glass would now be an Enterprise only offering with emphasis on Glass For Work startups. Today, we’re getting a glimpse of early prototype units of the

Google Glass

Google Glass getting an all new design under new leadership

Ever since Tony Fadell took reins of Google Glass, big things have been expected of the wearable. And it seems like one of the major changes could be coming in the form of design. According to a new report, the Google Glass that we’ve gotten used to seeing around us will get a complete design

Facebook Messenger - Fessenger

Fessenger is a Facebook Messenger app for Google Glass

Google Glass has been around for quite some time now with a myriad of apps written specifically for the device. However, one glaring exception was a dedicated Facebook Messenger app. That changes today with the arrival of the Fessenger application on the wearable. The functionality here is pretty fundamental as it allows users to receive

Google Glass

Tony Fadell Now Heading Google Glass, Sales Ending January 19

Google Glass has been selling Glass to “Explorers” April of 2013, so it’s been almost two years since it has been available for any kind of public use. Google Glass has been involved in many things, from proposals to controversy and more. Now, as Google looks to go further with Glass, they’re putting the head of Nest, Tony

Sony Google Glass

Sony shows off new Google Glass like wearable

With Google Glass yet to go mainstream, Sony has decided to show something of its own. Known as the Single Lens Display Module, the device looks pretty identical to Glass in terms of design. The hardware underneath isn’t too different from Google’s offering either, so there are barely any surprises here. One crucial difference with

Google Glass Is Going To The International Space Station

While the next version of Google Glass might be coming soon, that hasn’t stopped many companies from picking up the existing model for use. And now, Glass will be used in space. Kentucky Space, a research company, will be launching a mission with Google Glass next week, on December 16th. A team from Tufts Center for Regenerative and

Google Glass

Next-gen Google Glass launching in 2015 with better battery life

A report suggests that Google and Intel have joined forces to develop a new low energy chipset made specifically for the next generation Google Glass wearable. This new chip would reportedly allow for better battery backup from the wearable, which is one of the primary concern for Glass wearers. Google only recently upgraded Glass with

Google Glass Play Store

Google Glass now available for purchase through the Play Store

The Google Glass wearable was recently made available to all by Google, although the $1500 price tag didn’t change. However, Glass was only available through a standalone website, which didn’t quite make sense given that Google sells hardware through the Play Store. But it seems like Google has finally decided to change its mind as Glass

Lenovo Glass

Here’s a look at Lenovo’s Google Glass rival

With the Explorer Edition Google Glass already available in the market, it is only natural for others to follow suit. What we’re seeing now is coming from Chinese manufacturer Lenovo with the finished product expected to hit the markets by October. The company is also expecting to team up with hardware partners who are interested

Dutch Police To Use Samsung Galaxy S5, Dubai Cops To Use Google Glass

The numerous advancements made in mobile technology have made it an indispensable tool for everyone.  People are finding it easier to connect with their friends and family while checking out various forms of information can be done by a tap of a finger. Now it looks like law enforcement officials are also going to take advantage

Samsung Gear Blink

Samsung trademarks Gear Blink, a possible face mounted wearable

A trademark filing in South Korea has revealed a new Samsung device called the ‘Gear Blink‘. As the name indicates, this could probably be a head mounted wearable, something similar to Google Glass, although there’s no confirmation of that yet. Samsung recently filed a trademark for something know as the Gear Glass, so this is

Google Glass 2

Google Glass Store now open for all [Updated]

Update: Turns out that all the variants of Glass are currently sold out on the website, indicating that this could have well been an error from Google. So Glass isn’t available for everyone after all. Stay tuned for more on this. We recently saw the Google opening a single day promotion for Glass, allowing practically any