It is Time for Google to End the Google Nexus Phone Program

Back in August 2012, Jean-Baptiste Queru, Google’s top Android Open-Source Tech Dude (well, actually Technical Lead of Google Android Open Source Project) announced an interesting experiment on Google Groups. The Sony Xperia S would be getting updates directly from Google, giving it de facto Nexus status. Less than three months later, the project was discontinued, leaving

What is up with all These Google Edition Phones?

This year we’ve already welcomed both the HTC One Google Edition phone and the Galaxy S4 Google Edition phone, and rumors have been swirling around about many other manufacturers that may get in on the action. This includes Sony, Huawei, and even Oppo. Whilst it’s nice to have a handset built by a renowned manufacturer


Xperia Z may be the next Android smartphone to get Google Edition

Google seems to be growing the line of ‘Google Edition’ devices, now carrying the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. The only other high-end smartphone to consider is the Xperia Z, and that may be getting the Google treatment soon. We still aren’t sure if Google will continue making Nexus devices, the CEO of

LG Interview Implies that It will not Work on New Nexus 5

The latest interview of the Vice President of LG Mobile in the region of Europe, which was featured by GSMinsider, indicates that the company is not planning on working with the Nexus 5 or a Google Edition of their flagship smartphone. LG Statement Following the huge launching of the Nexus 4, Won Kim, the company