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Google Beats The Street Still Struggling With Declining CPC

Google beat the street when it released it’s Q1 numbers for 2012 today. In a prepared statement today Google CEO Larry Page, said “Google had another great quarter with revenues up 24% year on year,”

Google reported earnings of $10.08 per share on $10.65 billion in revenue. That was good enough to beat estimates of $9.64 per share on $8.1 billion in revenue. After $2.51 billion in traffic acquisition costs Google’s revenue netted down to $8.14 billion.

In the same quarter last year Google reported $8.08 per share on $6.5 billion in revenue.

The biggest announcement today from Google was that they are issuing a class C non voting stock effectively giving investors a 2 to 1 stock split. The new shares will trade under a separate ticker on the Nasdaq.

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