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Galaxy S4 can’t format SD card, other app issues


If there’s anything that makes owning a smartphone interesting, it’s obviously the fact that there are so many apps for almost everything. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the Google Play Store and other unofficial sources that obviously makes an aspect of our life a little bit better. However, these same apps can also waste our time sometimes as they fail or stop working as expected. In some cases, they can affect  good working apps and simply transform an otherwise normal day into an annoyance.

We can’t obviously cover all app-related problems but we can share some of the common ones and their solutions in TheDroidGuy. We plan on  expanding this troubleshooting series so watch out for more of similar posts.

In the meantime, these are the specific topics discussed in this post today:

  1. Game not working after updating Galaxy S4 to Android Marshmallow
  2. “Message not sent” error when Galaxy S4 sends text message
  3. Galaxy S4 can’t format SD card
  4. Galaxy S4 “scheduled” SMS issue
  5. Straight Talk Galaxy S4 unable to make calls
  6. Google Drive issue on Galaxy S4

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Problem #1: Game not working after updating Galaxy S4 to Android Marshmallow

Hi. Recently I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android Marshmallow 6.0. The installation is ok (I guess). I followed all the steps to root properly the phone but now when I install a game app from the Play Store or from the Web, I can’t play them. The phone stays with the black screen for a while and then it shows the error that the app has stopped working.

Any solution for this? I would appreciate it. Best regards. — Pedro

Solution: Hi Pedro. Updating your phone’s operating system can sometimes lead to app problems if the apps themselves are not updated as well. The game you’re trying to play is most likely not yet optimized to work with Android Marshmallow, which is not yet officially released for S4s. Try to contact the app’s developer and ask for direct assistance regarding your trouble.

Problem #2: “Message not sent” error when Galaxy S4 sends text message

I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 running 5.0.1. There seems to be a problem with texting (SMS) from my phone. Whenever I try to send an SMS, i get a notification with an error “Message not sent”. And I noticed this happens only with texts. I can send Multimedia SMS without any problems. There are also no problems with receiving messages.

I tried other 3rd party Messengers but still the issue remains.

I updated to the latest software..still no change. Also, there is no problem related to my mobile signal or SMS balance. I can easily make and receive calls or receive SMS and send Multimedia. But the problem occurs only during Texting.

I cleared Cache, Forced stopped, tried Safe Mode etc but the problem persists. This small bug is causing immense problems.

I want to avoid a Factory reset at the moment… and I did Factory reset it once around 2 to 3 months ago and everything was fine then … This problem started occurring recently. — G4Smyn

Solution: Hi G4Smyn. The problem may not be on your phone but on the network side. Contact your wireless carrier’s technical support and ask them if there are any downtimes on their network that may impact sending of text messages.

You can also try to insert your SIM card on another phone to see if your S4 has issues sending text messages.

Problem #3: Galaxy S4 can’t format SD card

PNY 32 GB SDHC write protected. Installed new card and was able to move photos, etc and change some storage default settings. Moved most of my apps to the SD card (typically left part of the app on internal memory). After a few days, started having apps stop working and found they were grayed out. started looking into and seemed to be those that had been installed to the SD card. Was able to recover my photos. Ended up moving those apps that I could back to internal memory and reinstalling the rest.

Tried to delete and reformat the SD card and while the phone indicated it was, the format never worked and stuff remained on the card. Was also unable to delete content. Now asking for a password to format which I’m using the only one I have which is the keyboard lock password. Removed card and am unable to reformat on PC. Tried all of the tricks on the internet to try to get it to reformat and nothing works. — Greg

Solution: Hi Greg. It’s interesting to know that your SD card has suddenly appeared to have become encrypted. If you can’t format it on a PC using the usual method, try to do it via Disk Management. Here’s how:

  • Click Start and go to Control Panel.
  • Click Administrative Tools and then click Computer Management
  • When that window opens you can click on Disk Management and find the device in the drive viewer.
  • Then you can right click on the drive and select Format and see if using this utility from the Disk Management helps resolve your issue.

If this procedure won’t work, try using the official’s formatter software to do the job.

Problem #4: Galaxy S4 “scheduled” SMS issue

Hello there! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Regarding Android version, it says 4.4.2. That’s all it says.

My problem…i just wrote a very long text…for the first time ever i “scheduled” the delivery time for 8:30 pm. I’m pretty sure i did it correctly…while i was waiting for the 10 minutes until the delivery, i wrote another text to THE SAME PERSON….which i wanted to send immediately after the “scheduled” 8:30 pm delivery, as they were related. I didn’t notice any indication that the scheduled message had been sent at 8:30pm… and i was waiting for some sort of notification.

So then i sent the second text the regular way at 8:31pm, not scheduled. I checked the logs of all my recent texts…and the “scheduled” text was not logged. Then i checked this person’s individual texts list which we had been sending back and forth to each other. The scheduled 8:30pm text did not appear. I texted the person to see if they had received the first text. Describing to him what the content was…and he said he did not receive it. …so could there be some other reason for this occurring.. aside from my doing something wrong? And is there any way that i can find this lost message?  I checked all the logs…not there…clipboard…clipper…not there either. Thank you so much for your help! Sincerely. — Rosemary

Solution: Hi Rosemary. The only place where a user can find successfully sent text messages is the Sent Messages folder. If there’s no indication of a failed SMS in your messaging app, then the scheduled SMS was most probably not sent even though you thought it was.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to recover unsent and unsaved text messages.

Problem #5: Straight Talk Galaxy S4 unable to make calls

I love my Galaxy S4 phone. Originally from Verizon but I purchased a SIM from Straight Talk and switched it over. I stopped using it for a few months so I let the prepaid go. I wanted to use it again so I purchased a new kit from Straight Talk new SIM and air time. Put the new SIM in and called Straight Talk to set it up. 

First customer service attached my SIM to the wrong IMEI number. Before they realized they had done this they had me factory reset my phone.  So they sent a new SIM. It was the wrong size so they sent me another. The new SIM they said would work but when I try to call out it says call can’t be completed at this time and connecting to Verizon customer service. I am so frustrated at this time.  I love this phone.  In settings in Network it says Verizon. Status says My phone number unknown. IMEISV says 00. unrooted IMS registration status Not registered.

Also at the top of the phone is SIM card symbol with arrows in a circle. I have factory reset it.  turned it off and on a million times like they said.  They assured me they have activated the SIM. Please help. — Jaime

Solution: Hi Jaime. There’s only so much that you can do on your end to make the phone work with Straight Talk’s network. It’s clear that the problem is on Straight Talk’s side, probably a provisioning/activation issue, so they should help you with it. A factory reset will not help if the problem is on their side in the first place. You have no choice but to call them again (and maybe demand to talk to a higher technical support or supervisor) to have this provisioning taken care of.

Problem #6: Google Drive issue on Galaxy S4

Google Drive since it’s installation, opens to the logo screen and remains there (does not open further). Pressing home button takes you back to home screen and when you open another app, a white screen appears and nothing is accessible. Pressing Home button continuously eventually takes you back to home screen. I then hold down Home button to bring up open apps, Google Drive is white. Terminating open apps returns operation to normal.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled drive – no change.

Clearing app data and cache for Drive – no change.

Reset device to factory settings and reinstalled – no change.

Any ideas? — Ale

Solution: Hi Ale. We haven’t encountered any issues relating to Google Drive yet, and there seems to be no similar issue to what you have so it must be specific to your device only. Since you have already tried all the basic software troubleshooting on your device, we recommend that you post your issue in Google Drive Help Forum so Google community can help you. Google developers are on constant lookout for unusual issues so if you’re in luck, they may address your issue directly.



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