How to upload photos to Google Drive on Pixel 3

Uploading photos to Google Drive on your Google Pixel 3 is the same as when you’re uploading on other devices since Drive has the same interface across all mobile platforms, which is easy to use and understand. If it’s the first time you’re using it, then you’ve come to the right place I will guide

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Phone

If you’re moving from one platform to another, iOS to Android in this case, you might wonder how much your data you can take with you. For the most part, you might have to leave a lot behind — some apps that are on iOS just aren’t on Android. Transferring applications specifically would require those

5 Best Cloud Storage Android App for Photo and Video Backup

The cloud is no longer the somewhat empty buzzword it used to be during its infancy. Cloud is now used as the backbone of large corporations, state governments, and digital lives of individual users, who use it to store data, manage their finance, and do countless other useful things. Get Unlimited Photo Storage With Amazon

5 Best PDF To Word Converter For Android In 2019

Trying to convert a PDF document over to a Word file on Android? Well, you’re probably finding that it’s near impossible to get this to work, at least without any extra tools. There are options on the Web for a conversion like this, but nothing that can necessarily happen on locally (except for maybe one

How to upload photos to Google Drive on Galaxy S9

Every Google account is entitled to a free 15GB free storage on Google servers and the best way to manage your files is by using Google Drive, which comes pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy S9. If you have a bunch of photos you want to save in the cloud, then I guess Drive would suffice

5 Best Scanner Apps For Android In 2019

If you’re looking for a quick way to scan documents without having to use your scanner, then you might want to consider your smartphone. Yes, your smartphone is able to actually scan in documents and photos! They certainly won’t be the best of quality, as some smartphones just aren’t capable of scanning in a photo

How to upload photos to Google Drive on Android

Uploading your photos to Google Drive is easy since Google made the interface of the app so comprehensive you could never go wrong with it. And what makes it a lot easier for most of Android users is the fact that Drive comes pre-installed with almost all smartphones or devices that run Android. So, there’s

AT&T rolling out fix for 50GB Google Drive offer on HTC One M8

Every HTC One M8 comes with free 50GB of Google Drive storage for two years. However, since launch, this offer hasn’t been working for owners of the HTC One M8 on the AT&T, with users failing to redeem that extra cloud space due to technical issues. The carrier promised a fix for the problem by mid-May,

Google releases standalone Docs and Sheets apps for Android

If the Google Drive and QuickOffice apps weren’t enough for your document editing needs, then Google has two new apps to make up for it. The search giant has released standalone Docs and Sheets apps on Android for document and spreadsheet editing, and will also be releasing a Slides app for presentations in the coming


Google offering QuickOffice app for free

Google has just made the QuickOffice app free for every Android and iOS user, bringing the ability to edit and create Word documents and Spreadsheets on the go. The QuickOffice app was previously free only to users of Google Apps for Business. Google acquired QuickOffice back last year which gave rise to speculation of future

QuickOffice integration comes to Google Drive for iOS

Google apps have always been better than Apple apps on iOS devices. For instance, Google Maps is way better than Apple Maps, and it was a wrong move for Apple to replace Google Maps with its own version of Maps software. Google has made great versions of Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive and an alright version

Google Drive Update Brings More Functionality

The Google Drive app was updated yesterday and brought some major functionality improvements that should impress a lot of extensive Drive users. This latest update brings an improved UI to the app and brings the app to version 1.1.470.11. Other things that have been included in the update are as follows: Edit Google spreadsheets in new