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Google Photos shortcut can now be added on Google Photos app

An update to #GooglePhotos has introduced the ability to add a shortcut button within #GoogleCamera. This acts as an alternative to the image preview button that is available on the bottom right corner of the camera UI. But this new shortcut can also be moved around the screen and placed anywhere. Functionality wise though, it’s not really

Google Camera

Image quality of Nexus phones increases with the new Google Camera update

The Google Camera app on the Google Play Store recently received an update (version 2.5.052) as customers would tell you. This update is quite significant for Nexus device owners apparently, as it’s carrying some pretty handy features making image capture a less strenuous process for the users. Google has also increased the efficiency of the Lens

Stock Android camera app could soon get ‘Smart Burst’ feature

Amidst the myriad of Android camera software that is available in the wild, Google’s stock camera application from the Nexus devices get little mention. And there’s very good reason for that. While manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony etc pack in a bundle of features into their default camera application, Google’s Nexus devices see a

Google Camera Updated To Version 2.5

While most Android M features won’t be arriving until the final software is released in a few months, Google has published a new version of their Camera app to the Play Store. This is version 2.5 and comes with a few minor improvements. The first is a new focusing animation. Google has changed it from a

Google Camera

Google Camera Update Brings Many Features With It

Since being moved to a standalone app in Google Play, the stock Android Camera app has gotten a lot of improvements. Since it’s no longer tied to the OS, Google can freely update when they want to. And now they’ve updated it today. First, returning from the old version of the Camera app is being

Google Camera

Google Camera app makes its way to the Play Store

Google has now brought the stock camera app known as Google Camera to the Play Store, making it easier to bring updates and add new features whenever necessary. This is a policy first introduced by Motorola with a few of its core Moto X and Moto G apps and was subsequently followed by HTC as