Google Calendar

Google Calendar can now display all your reminders on Android

The #Google Calendar application on Android has just been updated with an important new feature, aimed to make the lives of the customers a whole lot easier. Previously, the Reminders were only accessible from the Google Now reminders page or Google Keep (if you set it there). Google Calendar will now show these reminders on its own,

Google Calendar Might Be Getting A New Look Soon

The trend of flatter-looking software is going to continue. Today, purported images of a new Google Calendar app for Android have surfaced, showing off a much less skeuomorphic design. The app looks almost like Apple’s iOS 7 design, but not as stark white.   We can clearly see that the Day View, Month View, and

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Commonly Asked Questions

Mailbag has been receiving a lot of questions and complaints related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So, here is a quick rundown of the issues sent to us as well as the answer or solutions connection to them. 1. Can the Google Calendar’s events and tasks be integrated in a one shot interface? Although