Unboxing Video And Review: Pantech Pocket On AT&T

If you’ve been following thedroidguy for a while than you know that I love unique phones. Although it didn’t do so well and we knocked it a bit, the Kyocera Echo was a phone that I thought was great because of it’s unique form factor. I also used a Droid Pro for the better part

Google Books Takes +1 Update With More 7″ Support As Well

The e-reading market is heating up. We have the Kindle Fire reportedly shipping very soon, the just announced Nook tablet and now a Google Books update. The new Google Books update supports the ability to +1 books that you’re reading. It’s also reportedly fixed book search and flow in both portrait and landscape mode. The

Google Books Updated For 7″ Tablets

Although the first “real” Android tablet was in the 7 inch flavor it wasn’t Honeycomb so Google overlooked it for it’s Google Books library application.  Now that there is a new onslaught of 7″ Honeycomb tablets, Google has updated it’s Google Books app to display better on 7″ tablets.  The Acer Iconia A100, Samsung Galaxy

Google Rolling Out Android Market Update With Books And Movies

Google has announced on the official Google blog that the newest version of Android Market is rolling out to Android devices running 2.2 and higher.  The new Android Market update brings out Google Books and Google Movies to the masses. The Android Market now allows you to rent movies for $1.99 directly to your phone,

Google Books Gets First E-Reader, One of “Many” Devices

Google and IRiver have announced a partnership to bring a Google Books e-reader to market.  According to our good friends at mobileburn.com, the e-reader will have access to millions of free Google Books along with hundreds of thousands of premium Google Books titles. Currently Google Books is only available for Android devices.  Google Books made

Android Market Poised For All Out iTunes War

Everyone has noticed that the Android Market has really grown up in the last few weeks.  Earlier this week we ran a story about the impending launch of Google Music based on a slip of the tongue from Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha. Now Androidcommunity.com is reporting that the Android Market will roll out music,