Cortana Will Be Removed From the Microsoft Launcher by the End of April

Microsoft has mentioned in a blog post today that it will stop offering the Cortana voice assistant with the Microsoft Launcher on Android starting in April. This comes after Cortana was sidelined from Android last year. Microsoft has reaffirmed that it will continue to support and develop Cortana with the Windows 10 platform. Microsoft has

American Airlines to Start Using Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode at Select Locations

With Google Assistant touching 500 million active users per month, American Airlines has announced that it will start using Google Nest smart displays with Assistant and Interpreter Mode to assist non-English speaking travelers in its lounges. American Airlines’ Chief Information Officer, Maya Leibman said, “The science-fiction universal translator is now science fact. Incorporating technology like

Google Assistant Now Has 500 Million Active Monthly Users

Google Assistant is undoubtedly one of the most popular voice assistants out there. Well, Google has just announced that Assistant now has 500 million active monthly users. It’s worth pointing out that Google Assistant was said to be available on 500 million devices in May 2018, so it’s clear that the voice assistant has made

Report: Google Assistant Smart Speakers Shrink in Marketshare

Smart speakers are a growing market and its clear that there are only a few leaders in the market today. What’s surprising, however, is that Google’s market share has taken a significant dip in Q3 2019. A large part of this is due to the emergence of Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi, Baidu, and Alibaba in

How To Turn Off OK Google

The “Ok, Google” command has become super useful. Whether you’re on an older version of Android or one of the latest versions, “Ok, Google” will allow you to open up the Android voice assistant — Google Now or Google Assistant, depending on your Android version — and allow you to ask it a question or

The Next-Gen Google Assistant Detailed in a New Video

Google showed off a bunch of changes forthcoming with the new Google Assistant at the annual I/O event in May. However, no further information was shared. Today, 9to5Mac has managed to obtain a few promotional videos possibly meant for the Pixel 4 which detail the new update well. Firstly, there are changes in the way

Bose Launches Portable Home Speaker with Alexa and Google Assistant

If you thought there aren’t enough portable speakers with voice assistants, Bose is now offering another option. Known as the Portable Home Speaker, this device can offer 360-degree sound along with support for voice assistants like Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa. As you would expect, this speaker runs on battery and connects to

How To Change The Google Assistant Voice On Your Android Phone

The Google Assistant is a Google’s own voice controlled AI assistant that can make using a smartphone easier for consumers. This was first made available on Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL before being introduced to other Android smartphone models. You can activate this feature by long pressing on the home button of the phone