Google Drive Getting Closer

Last year we started hearing rumblings of a cloud based file service coming out from Google. Google is the master of the cloud with all of the Google Apps and their easy ability to sync to Android devices. Google is looking to take on competitors like Drop Box, and other cloud based file lockers.

Google’s Schmidt Defends Motorola Purchase Says It Won’t Change Android

When Google announced they were purchasing Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion dollars back on August 15th, analysts, armchair quarterbacks, bloggers and journalists predicted it may mean an Android sudden death for other OEM’s.  HTC and Samsung have banked the majority of their smartphone portfolio’s on Google’s Android operating system. While both companies also manufacturer smartphones

Google Holding Tablet Focused Android Developer Labs

Google has announced a new set of Android Developer Labs in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles. The labs actually started August 2nd in Bangalore. Google is targeting experienced Android developers who already have apps in the app market.  The application requires your Android market email address. They also want the developer’s to include the

Google Re-Evaluating Names Policy On Google+

For some, like thedroidguy, this may come as news a little too late.  After a weekend of obliterating Google+ accounts, for a lot of their core audience, Google has announced they are revamping their names policy.  Over the weekend Thedroidguy along with top Android sites, Android And Me, Android Community and Android Police were suspended