Google Updates Gmail To Version 4.2

  Google has just released an update to Gmail in the Play Store, which has brought it up to version 4.2. This brings the app on par with the version that has been shipping with their newly released Nexus devices. They’ve also updated the Galaxy Nexus with it as well. Some of the enhancements that

Gmail for iOS gets an Update; Now Supports the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 launched recently with much fanfare and hype. Although it didn’t bring anything spectacularly new to the table, it does have a lengthier display now which means that there is an additional fourth row for apps. And given the lengthy nature of the device, app developers had to make some tweaks to their

Gmail update is Improving Nexus 7 Support And Launches new Labels API

UPDATE: Some users are reporting that they aren’t receiving e-mails anymore after the update. Other users are saying their notifications for Gmail not longer exist. There is actually a lot of problems being reported, so update Gmail at your own risk. Google’s been updating a lot of apps today among those apps is Gmail. It’s

Youtube, GMail And Encrypted Search Blocked In Iran

Google confirmed on Tuesday that Google’s encrypted search, Youtube and Gmail products have been blocked from Iranian users since February 10th. According to thenextweb these Google products join a long list of other sites that Iran has been blocking from their citizens. Gmail isn’t the only email service that is blocked from more than 30

It’s About Time Apple.. We’ve Had That Since October 08

One of the greatest things packed in the arsenal of any Android Enthusiast as they prepare to fight the Android vs iPhone war is this little thing we take for granted called Google Apps or G-Apps for short. You see, Apple has been offering this product called Mobile Me for years which costs just $99.

Google Reader Link Replaced With Picasa

In a move that is sparking some twitter rage Google has replaced the RSS reader link on the top of the Gmail screen with a link for Picasa/Photos. No worries Google Reader is still around (for now) you just have to go to the more tab to find it if you’re going through Gmail to