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SXSW: Glomper CEO Alex Borodich Explains The Cool App With The Funny Name

Glomper is an exciting new app with a funny name that debuted here at SXSW Interactive in Austin Texas this week. Once the weather cleared we started seeing Glomper peope everywhere with shirts on that say “Hug me I’m awesome”.¬† Apparently Glomper mean hug.¬† However this app is not the hugging app.

Glomper Events is the perfect app for anyone with an active social life to discovery and share events through social media and photos. It combines already existing social media ideas like for instance, Facebook events, flickr, and any one of the many discovery apps released at SXSW this year and rolls them into one.

With Glomper Events, there’s an interface that looks somewhat like Pinterest. From the interface users can view an event, find an event, heart (like) an event and then share and comment on photos taken at the event.
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