Google Glass: Enterprise

Google Glass: Enterprise Edition leaks out in pictures

Production and development of #GoogleGlass saw a drastic change earlier this year when Tony Fadell of Nest took over the helm. It was recently brought to our notice that Glass would now be an Enterprise only offering with emphasis on Glass For Work startups. Today, we’re getting a glimpse of early prototype units of the

Google Glass

Next-gen Google Glass launching in 2015 with better battery life

A report suggests that Google and Intel have joined forces to develop a new low energy chipset made specifically for the next generation Google Glass wearable. This new chip would reportedly allow for better battery backup from the wearable, which is one of the primary concern for Glass wearers. Google only recently upgraded Glass with

Dual lens Google Glass

Google patents dual lens design for Glass

Google Glass currently functions only on either side of the lens and not on both sides. But it seems like that could change soon with Google patenting a Glass concept with the micro projector on both sides. Since this is only a patent filing, we don’t have much information on specifics and how Google intends to

Google Glass Product Page

Any resident of the U.S. can purchase Google Glass today

It’s April 15 and for those of you that remember, any resident of the U.S. who is at least 18 years old can get the Google Glass wearable today. It will still cost $1500, but users will also get a free frame, prescription glasses or tinted shades which usually costs $150 or $225 on a usual

Samsung Gear Blink

Patent application reveals Samsung made Google Glass competitor

A new patent application filed in Korea has revealed a new Samsung made competitor of Google Glass. The patent application hasn’t hit the USPTO yet, which means it’s still early days for the prototype. But the reference design gives us an idea of its functioning. This unit seems to have a wire hanging out possibly

Google bans resale of Glass

Users who sell or loan their early editions of Google Glass could get their units deactivated says Google. The $1,500 wearable computer which are being sent out to developers and people who were chosen from Google’s ‘if I had Glass campaign’. Recently the a glass unit went up for auction on the popular auction site