Mystery HTC Device Left Behind At A Bar

We tend to agree with a commentor over at Droid-Life, didn’t Apple patent leaving a prototype around at a bar?  The commentor received a reply saying, Yes Apple is now suing HTC in Germany… What are we talking about here? Well apparently someone has left what looks to be an HTC prototype device behind at

Motorola Forgot To Wipe The Data On Some Refurbed Xooms

Motorola has made a mistake and wants to rectify it as soon as possible. We learned from a press release sent out on Friday that an allotment of Xoom tablets that were sent to Woot to be sold as “refurbished” were not properly wiped. The tablets in question were sold by Woot between October and

All Honeycomb Features Coming To Phones?

According to Google’s Open Source and Compatibility Tech Lead, Dan Morrill, all of the features of Android 3.0, Honeycomb, are headed to phones at some point. There has been a lot of debate about Google continually saying that Honeycomb was only for tablets. What they never said was if they would take all of the

HTC Planned Leaks Result in 10 Pictures of Nothing

Some of the major websites in our industry received some non-blurry-cam pictures late Tuesday from an unofficial, or maybe it was an official, HTC leaker.  Tech Crunch did a great job of editorializing this whole escapade, but if you don’t read Techcrunch here’s the lowdown. Taylor Wimberly over at is always talking about “planned