5 Best Google Play Store Alternatives for Downloading Android Apps

Android might be synonymous with Google’s large ecosystem of apps and multimedia content that’s available through Google Play Store, but that doesn’t mean that alternative ways how to download Android app don’t exist. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of the best app stores for android, each offering a slightly different reason why you should

GetJar Getting Into The Apps Payment Business

Getjar, one of the largest third party app markets in the world, is spreading out. Now in addition to a huge platform for app developers to get discovered, GetJar is entering into the payments business. Getjar is unveiling a new virtual payment system today, promising developers better returns for their in app payments in Android

Android Apps As Low As 10 Cents

Android Central, Phonearena and a twitter user have found that some popular Android paid titles have been dropped to the low low price of just 10 cents. While third party app stores like Amazon and Getjar offer a paid Android app for free each day, this is the first time that the official Android Market

Getjar’s Free Paid Apps For Week Of December 5th

There are some great ways to get paid premium Android apps for free without having to rely on torrents and pirate sites. Amazon and Getjar both offer alternative Android app stores and both offer free apps each day that would otherwise cost money. Our good friends at Getjar usually give us the list of free

GetJar’s Free Paid For Apps For This Week

Getjar was a little late getting us this week’s list of free premium apps for Android this week but here is this week’s list. Of course Monday has already past and Tuesday is almost over but the great thing about the GetJar Gold premium games for free is that they keep them that way for

Getjar’s Premium Games For Free This Week

If you haven’t heard the word Getjar is giving paid apps away. Like Amazon they do one game per day and here are the games for this week (November 14-18, 2011) Monday: Office Rush (regular $.99) In this corporate simulation game it’s like office space meets dilbert meets the Office Rush. In this game you

Get Jar’s Free Apps For The Week Of November 7th

A couple months back Getjar started offering  a free paid app a day. This model was working great for Amazon so the world’s largest independent app store decided to start a similar program. Get Jar is taking some of the best premium (paid for) Android apps and giving them away free on a daily deal

GetJar Adds Gold Apps, Patrick Mork Exits For Post At Google

GetJar, one of the largest independent app stores in the world has just added a new “Gold” apps section to their app store.  The new Gold section offers paid for apps for free to users of Getjar. GetJar Gold is offering premium titles for free, not just apps that should have been free. Paper Glider,

Get Jar Gets 2 Billionth Download

Our friends at Getjar have just reached a hefty milestone. They just had their 2 billionth download (billion with a “B”).  Getjar is the largest independent app store around. They serve apps for all operating systems and have had some pretty big exclusive launches this year including Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. 2 billion

GetJar Says Screw You Apple

Apple served up a Cease & Desist to Getjar this week it seems that GetJar was next on Apple’s list to crack down on the term “App store” Apple maintains that it has ownership of the term and has raised the issue with other big name companies as well like Amazon and Microsoft. Getjar has

Cut The Rope Lands In Official Android Market $.99 Ad Free

Last week we brought you the news that “Cut The Rope” was going to be exclusively available via the Getjar app store for one week.  Fast forward exactly a week later and “Cut The Rope” is in the Android Market. This very addictive little strategy game where you try and feed candy to a frog

Getjar’s Patrick Mork On Getjar 3.0 And More At Appnation 2011

We caught up with our good friend Patrick Mork of Getjar at the Appnation 2011 conference. Earlier in the day Getjar had presented in a 2 minute speed presentation conference, on their new Getjar 3.0. Getjar 3.0 has a better, and even more user friendly interface. They’ve also incorporated Facbeook login so that you can

Digital Chocolate Another Win For Getjar

First off lets say this is strange not reporting this news via Bruce Jones…. Digital Chocolate, one of the fastest growing virtual goods companies on Facebook, and makers of the hit games Millionaire City and MMA Pro Fighter has joined the ranks of Zynga and others, to exclusively launch their games via Getjar. Just two

Angry Birds Christmas to Debut December 11?

Here’s the good news, Rovio, the maker of the global sensation “Angry Birds” is definitely working on a Christmas edition.  Pocket-Lint.com is reporting that this special edition Angry Birds will be available December 11 based on previous information leaked by Rovio. How sure are we that it’s coming, well foreign website mtv3.fi has the screenshot

Slice It Coming To Android Via Getjar

The award winning and amazingly popular iPhone game Slice It, has announced it’s coming to Android via the world famous Getjar app market.  We just reported yesterday that Getjar set an app download record with 100 million downloads of the facebook app. No wonder Slice It’s developer Com2Us has chosen Getjar for their release to

Getjar Sets Record with 100 Million Downloads

You think these guys from Getjar look happy in this picture? We are willing to bet they are happier now with the announcement that they’ve reached the 100 million download mark on one single application. Bruce Jones from GetJar is a huge supporter of the Android OS, however Getjar’s custom AppIt link allows Getjar users,