Galaxy S4

German authorities destroy 250 fake Galaxy S4 handsets

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very popular handset around the globe. And as with any popular handset, there are bound to be a lot of fakes in the market as well. German authorities recently confiscated some Galaxy S4 lookalikes and have seemingly destroyed them. Reports claim that over 250 fake Galaxy S4s were recovered,

Moto X officially announced for Europe, launches in February

Motorola has announced that it will be bringing the Moto X to Europe, confirming the speculation that ran rampant when the company sent out press invites for a new phone recently. The flagship smartphone will be available for purchase in February in the UK, France and Germany, with French carrier SFR calling dibs on exclusivity for

HTC smartwatch

German court dismisses patent suit filed by Nokia against HTC

Nokia has been on a rampage lately, filing patent suits against HTC all over Europe. This ultimately led to the HTC One Mini being banned briefly in the UK before the Court of Appeals gave HTC a temporary breather by allowing sales of the smartphone in the region. Nokia’s battle against HTC continued as it

Acer DA241HL

Acer DA241HL AIO desktop arrives

The Acer DA241HL All-In-One Android desktop is a testament to how the operating system is moving from mobile devices to PCs. This device, which Acer recently unveiled in Berlin, Germany, is one of the first desktop PCs to offer the Android OS. In particular, the device comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, one of the

HTC Stores Slowly Rolling Out

HTC has opened their own store in Hamburg, Germany. Well, they sort of have, at least. Their store isn’t a stand alone store like a Microsoft or Apple store, it is a store within-a-store. Like Apple and Microsoft, it does have trained staff and displays of their devices. The layout of the store is extremely similar

Motorola Loses Rubber-Banding Case Against Apple In Germany

It hasn’t been long since Apple won the injunction against Samsung for infringing on rounded corners, but now Apple has scored another victory against the Android operating system. This time, the victory is for an overscrolling bounce-back patent against Motorola in Germany. This victory is likely going to mean a sales injunction as soon as

Motorola Looking For 2.5% Of iPhone Sales For Patent Use

While Samsung and Apple have been battling it out in a worldwide patent theater, Motorola has taken a back seat. Well Friday Motorola returned front and center as a legal briefing from Apple’s lawyers in Germany has surfaced. The briefing details a request by Motorola Mobility to Apple for 2.5% of iPhone sales in exchange

Apple Grasping At Straws Or Shall We Say, Cases?

On Monday morning in a German court Samsung’s lawyers went back to the drawing board and added more to their patent infringement case against Apple. On Tuesday Apple made a very interesting move in the land down under as they’ve added cases to their patent infringement case in Australia against Samsung. No we aren’t talking

Samsung Files Additional Claims Against Apple In Germany

Samsung filed new patent claims in a German court this morning against Apple. The reports coming out of Germany are vague right now but the AFP is reporting that: Samsung said the claims, filed on December 16 with the Mannheim regional court, relate to alleged infringement of patents including those for Samsung’s telecommunications standard technology and

Samsung Responds To German EU Apple Injunction

We reported yesterday that Apple had won an injunction in Germany’s patent court to block the import of Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This injunction barred the sales and import of the tablet into all the countries in the European Union aside from the Netherlands. This all stems from a heated patent war going on

Nexus S Goes Worldwide Via Vodafone In 2 Flavors

Vodafone has announced that they will carry the Nexus S in 24 countries across the world on contract. Currently, you can only purchase the Nexus S in Best Buy stores and Car Phone Warehouse in the UK unlocked. Vodafone was a partner with the worldwide release of the Nexus One and we were expecting them