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Gem Miner

Review: Gem Miner

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

If you read my review about Gem Miner 2 but were not interested in paying the price they were asking for, you may just enjoy their first game, Gem Miner, which happens to actually be free. This game is no where near as fun as Gem Miner 2 which is understandable because by the time they got to 2 they’ve had time to expand upon mistakes and improve features while also adding features. Gem Miner isn’t particular fun in long sessions but is often fun in shorter sessions. I can’t guarantee that anyone will really like this game compared to Gem Miner 2, but if you want a small taste of what Gem Miner 2 is all about, this is a great place to start.

Gem Miner’s graphics aren’t anything like Gem Miner 2, but then again, the graphics isn’t what Gem Miner is really all about. The game really focuses on a Mincraft esque feel while offering a lot of cool challenge levels and different items to purchase. While this game is a great game to get an idea of what Gem Miner 2 is all about it definitely does not show the excellence of Gem Miner 2. During my time playing this application I often had the game crash on me and one time it even dumped my save file. This could very well be because this first Gem Miner game was developed for Android 1.1 and above instead of a higher standard. Thus they probably had minimal code to even worth with.

Also, the application often turns into a white screen. The developers suggest that you go into your phone setting and disable compatibility mode to get rid of this “bug.” It’s been quite a while since they last bothered to update the game, so I almost feel like they dropped development and support with it. This is understandable since they have two other Gem Miner games out now.

I don’t understand why the quality of this title went down. For quite a while it was fully working and fully capable of doing what it was developed for. Now, the game has become sluggish and often laggy. Not only that, but it’s often crashing. No, the app does not just crash, it crashes your entire device too. This is only in certain spots of the game though. It makes me wonder if the game is fixable just the developers are not bothering with the reports of the same problem that I am having.

I only suggest this application if you’re looking for something to see what Gem Miner 2 is all about. This app is definitely not a quality product. Again, this is probably because of how low of a version of Android they support. Gem Miner 2 is really worth the $1.99 they ask for. While Gem Miner is free and everything, I really feel like it’s only here to give you a feel of what Gem Miner 2 is like. It’s missing the fun factor that Gem Miner 2 has. The only fun you’ll be having is if you play it in short sessions instead of long ones anyway.