Google Daydream Vs. Samsung Gear VR

One of the newer technological advents in smartphones has been virtual reality tech, although it certain didn’t start out as a polished feature. Years later, virtual reality for phones has been improved upon, quality increased and polished to the point where some really could use it on a daily basis. Not only that, but new

5 Best Phone Accessories For Galaxy S9

Did you just get yourself a new Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus? Then you need some new accessories to outfit your device with! Whether you’re looking to improve your selfie game, dive into the strange, but interesting world of virtual reality, or outfit your device with a new case or screen protector, there’s an

The Galaxy Note 10 Is Incompatible with the Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that was initially a paid offering by the company and then eventually bundled with some of its flagships. This headset has been compatible with almost every Samsung flagship smartphone since the Galaxy S7. However, that streak ends now with the freshly announced Galaxy Note 10. The

Samsung Gear VR

[Deal’ Samsung Gear VR headset for $44.99

#Samsung used to bundle the #GearVR headset with initial purchases of the #GalaxyS7, S7 edge and the likes. Post this promotional period, however, customers were expected to shell out $100 to get the headset. Well, a deal on eBay is now letting you get the Gear VR for just $44.99. This is a sizable discount

Samsung Gear VR

[Deal] Samsung Gear VR for $59.99

Samsung’s Gear VR headset (from last year) is now up for grabs via eBay for just $59.99. This usually sells for about $100, so you’re saving quite a bit here. There’s no telling how long the pricing will remain valid, so it makes sense to grab the product while you still can. The Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

[Deal] Samsung Gear VR for $59.99

You can now get Samsung’s Gear VR headset for just $59.99 courtesy of Amazon. This headset usually sells for $100, which makes this a pretty decent deal. Bear in mind, this is not the latest version of the Gear VR that was launched by Samsung, which means it won’t be compatible with the Galaxy Note

New Gear VR

Upcoming Gear VR headset spotted in a press render

Yesterday, a leak revealed the existence of a new #Samsung #GearVR headset. While we were skeptical about it, a newer leak has confirmed that there was no reason to be. What we’re seeing here is the press rendering of the new Gear VR headset, although it’s not coming directly from Samsung. The image was posted

Is this the new Samsung Gear VR headset?

#Samsung has big ambitions in the virtual reality arena. Rumors have already suggested that the company will be launching next year’s Galaxy S8 flagship with a VR supported 4K resolution display. We all know that the company is going to unveil the Gear S3 wearable in September. But could there be a new VR headset in

Gear VR - T-Mobile

[Deal] Samsung Gear VR for $79.99

The #Samsung #GearVR headset can now be yours for just $79.99 from eBay. This is very decent saving on the headset and can get you started on Samsung’s freshly compiled VR content. Virtual Reality is going to be one of the major innovations in the years to come and Samsung has a front row seat with

Samsung Gear VR

[Deal] Refurb Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for $79.99

The #Samsung #GearVR was being offered for free with the pre-orders of the #GalaxyS7 and the #GalaxyS7edge. However, older Galaxy flagship owners still have to purchase a new unit in order to get in on the virtual reality action. And for those users, a deal on eBay should come across as attractive. A manufacturer refurbished unit

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung to offer a 360 degree livestream of its Galaxy S7 event

A new report has mentioned that #Samsung will livestream its #GalaxyS7 event in 360 degrees, giving users an immersive experience of the unveiling. Naturally, not everyone can be physically present in Barcelona when the company makes the announcement this Sunday, so this will allow users who are watching the livestream online to get a feel of

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung could bundle Gear VR headset with Galaxy S7 pre-orders

A new report mentions that the #Samsung #GalaxyS7 pre-orders could be rewarded with a Gear VR headset. This sounds like something that Samsung would do, so we have no reason to doubt these claims. Last year, we saw the company bundling its wireless charging pad with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge, so

Gear VR - T-Mobile

New Samsung Gear VR up for grabs in the U.S. starting today

The latest version of the #Samsung #GearVR is available for purchase starting today in the U.S. at $99.99. The headset went up on pre-order not too long ago, so those who bought it then should be getting their units over the coming days. The new-gen Gear VR is compatible with the 2015 Samsung flagships which includes

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung’s new Gear VR now up on pre-order for $99.99

#Samsung originally released the #GearVR wearable last year in partnership with Oculus. Well, the company has now released a new variant of the headset which now comes without the Innovator Edition tag and is compatible with all four 2015 Samsung Galaxy flagships that have been launched so far. As we all know, Samsung has some special content

Samsung Gear VR

New Samsung Gear VR model will be available for $99 starting November

Samsung’s first gen #GearVR headset (designed by #Oculus) wasn’t exactly a runaway success. But that was always on the cards given that not all devices were compatible with it and that the concept of virtual reality headsets are still taking taking shape. Also at $199, it wasn’t exactly cheap. Samsung and Oculus have now unveiled the second