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Samsung Gear S3 to be officially available in the U.S. starting Nov. 18

Gear S3

Gear S3 - Hero

#Samsung will officially bring the #GearS3 models to the U.S. on November 18. AT&T will start taking pre-orders for the wearables starting tomorrow, while other carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile should follow suit subsequently.

The Gear S3 will be available in two WiFi models, known as the Gear S3 Classic and the Gear S3 Frontier. An LTE model called Gear S3 Frontier will also be sold by the American carriers, allowing customers to use the smartwatch without requiring a paired smartphone. The pricing for the LTE model is not known yet, although the WiFi models will be priced at $349.

There are some key differences between the Gear S2 Classic and the Frontier. The company is targeting different demographics with the two wearables as the Classic features a more old-school look while the Frontier has a bit of a sports watch like look to it. Both feature the same hardware on board, which includes the rotating bezel ring.

Will you be pre-ordering any of these models?

Samsung officially announces the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 classic

Gear S3 - Hero

Gear S3 - Hero

After months of waiting and anticipation, #Samsung has officially unveiled the Gear S3 in two variants Рthe Gear S3 frontier and the Gear S3 classic. While both models pack fairly impressive hardware and design, the Gear S3 frontier appears to be the more evolved version, while the classic model just looks like a revamped version of the Gear S2 Classic from last year.

The frontier replaces the entry-level Gear S2 and packs a more robust body, without any of the sportiness involved. This looks like a rugged and durable wearable, which is perhaps the biggest change we see in terms of design. The timepiece itself will remain mostly unchanged as Samsung is using a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED circular display (an increase of 0.1-inch compared to the predecessor) accompanied by Corning’s freshly announced Gorilla Glass SR+.

Both variants are running Tizen out of the box and will be compatible with a wide range of Android devices as long as they have Android 4.4+ and 1.5GB of RAM on board. iOS devices will be supported soon as well. The battery has been bumped from 250 mAh to 380 mAh, allowing users to get more out of the smartwatches. The RAM has been increased from 512MB to 768MB while storage remains unchanged at 4GB. The popular rotating bezel has been retained with both models.

Strangely, the Gear S3 Classic will remain a WiFi only offering, while the Gear S3 frontier will be available in LTE models from T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon over the coming weeks. The Gear S3 classic will be available from Best Buy, Amazon, Macy’s, as well as Samsung’s dedicated online store. The company hasn’t shared pricing details for both smartwatches.

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